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Hello! My Name is Pear. I was born and live in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I create this blog because I love travel and would like to share my experiences, advise how to access to sightseeing placesgive some reviews about the accommodation and provide other relevant information 

In this blog, mostly content would be about Japan especially Osaka because I used to study Japanese at Osaka for 3 months and also traveled to other prefectures. After I finished my studying, I still went to Japan for sightseeing.
Sometimes the information provided on Japan's website are Japanese only, so I tried to translate that information into English.

You can also ask me the information about Thailand, including Bangkok.
Sorry for any errors. Any comments will be appreciated.
Have a nice trip!

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  1. Hi pear, I m going to Noboribetsu this August, I been there 2 years ago but not able to locate HELL VALLEY. I took a bus from Noboribetsu a bus stop distance away from JR station by accident and managed to reach a bus terminals that have a tourist centre,I m not sure if that is the town centre. Appreciate if you can help me with following questions
    1) what bus should I take from JR station
    2) which stop should I alight for HELL VALLEY and foot bath
    3) can I walk there from the bus terminal? How Long will it take?
    4) from Hell valley or foot bath forward where to take bus back to train station?
    My last trip there, I felt the tourist centre are more eager to sell me the bear visit idea than telling me how to go jigokudani.
    Btw, after browsing so many websites, I must tell you, this is the BEST!

    1. Thank you for your comment ^^

      Please see my reply as below and follow this link for your reference:

      1) what bus should I take from JR station

      You can take any bus from JR Noboribetsu Station. NA and ND bus runs from JR Station to Footbath Entrance but NB and NC will stop at N11 Noboribetsu Onsen (Bus Terminal).

      2) which stop should I alight for HELL VALLEY and foot bath

      Hell Valley is near N13 bus stop (Daiichi Takimotokan). Btw, you can also get off at Noboribetsu Onsen and walk to Hell Valley.

      Footbath is near Footbath Entrance bus stop (N15)

      3) can I walk there from the bus terminal? How Long will it take?
      If you walk from bus terminal to Hell Valley, the distance is around 700-800 m.

      4) from Hell valley or foot bath forward where to take bus back to train station?
      Take the bus at the opposite side where you get off the bus.

      Have a nice trip.

  2. รบกวนสอบถามหน่อยค่ะDonan Bus ใช้บัตร JR HOKKAIDOได้ไหมคะ

  3. Hi Pear,

    I need help.

    I would like to visit Mt Usu from Lake Toya during December 2019.

    May I know if :

    a. The Ropeway is opened between 23 Dec and 27 Dec ?
    b. Assuming the Ropeway is opened, do you know what is there to do once up on Mt Usu ?
    c. More importantly, is there any Donan Bus from Lake Toya to Mt Usu ? I tried so hard to look for bus time table but failed.

    d. For worse case scenario - if need to hire a private car from Lake Toya to Mt Usu, how much does it costs ? Do you know whether it will be a return (to & fro) service (meaning - will the driver drive us there and wait for us to bring us back) ?

    Otherwise I am unsure how to hire a car back to Lake Toya ?

    Thank you in advance for your help...


    1. Hi! Please see my reply as follows:

      a. The timetable of December has not released yet but last the ropeway was operated between 09:00-Last run (downward-bound) 16:00. Please check timetable on website

      b. Please see detail onwebsite

      c. Normally, Toya Travel Winter Bus runs between Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal, Showa Shinzan and Silo Observatory but now there is no information about this year. Anyway, please see my previous detail for your reference.

      d. You can call taxi. You may talk to taxi about your trip or you can ask hotel to call taxi for you. Please see the price on website

  4. Hi Pear, My accomadation is at N14. It is my first time travelling to Hokkaido and I am very confused about the Donan bus. Is there anywhere in Noboribetsu station that I can buy the ticket for the Donan Bus? Or does it operate like a normal public transport and we pay as we get off?

    1. Hi! If you travel from New Chitose Airport to Noboribetsu Onsen by bus, you can buy ticket at Donan Bus ticket counter at the airport.

      If you are going to travel from N1 Noboribetsu Station to N14, please pick up the ticket when board the bus which is near the entrance gate of the bus, then pay fare when get off the bus.

  5. Hi Pear, Thank you for the useful information.

    I am planning to go to Biei with my family in December 2023, but I would like to know if there is a sightseeing bus that goes around Biei during the day. I know that there is a night illumination bus that leaves at 16:00.

    thank you very much.
    Ms. Min

    1. Hi! Ms. Min,

      Sightseeing bus in winter program has not released yet. If the program is available, I will post on website.