The Differences among Namba Subway, JR Namba, Nankai Namba Station - Osaka, Japan

Namba station is big station and is located in Osaka Minami area. 
Many people may confuse why there are so many Namba station name and How are different among Namba Subway, JR Namba, Nankai Namba. 
First time when I visited Osaka, I was the one who had this question before.
Let me explain in this article.

From this below photo, There are many lines go to Namba Station.

1. Namba Subway Station

       There are 3 subway lines. 

     1.1 Sennichimae Line (Pink line) - can walk to Namba Walk (Shopping arcade) exit no. 16, 17, 22 and 23.

     1.2 Yotsubashi Line (Blue line) - can walk to Namba Walk (Shopping arcade) exit no. 27. From this train line, can walk about 5 minutes to OCAT (Bus terminal).

     1.3 Midosuji Line (Red Line) - connect with the underground passage. It also connect with basement floor of Takashimaya Department store. Midosuji Line is the closest line to shopping center. Exit no.5 is closed to Nankai Namba and take a short walk to shopping arcade.

2. JR Namba Station is in OCAT Building 

    OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal) is bus terminal in Osaka. Tokyo and other cities also has bus terminal but the names are different. The airport limousine bus to Kansai International Airport is also available. JR Namba is the closest station to OCAT when compare with subway and Nankai Namba.

3. Nankai Namba Station 

    Nankai Namba is closed to Swissotel Nankai Osaka, Namba Park and Takashimaya Department Store. It takes about 35-40 minutes from this station to Kansai International Airport.

Moreover, there are other train lines that I did not mention such as Kintetsu Line, Hanshin Line. Mostly, I like to get off at Namba station of Midosuji Line because it connects to many shops, hotels and shopping center. It is closed to long shopping street such as Dotonburi, Namba, Shinsaibashi. Dotonburi; this name may not be familiar to many people but if I say the Glico Running Man, you may got it.

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