Donan Bus Timetable between Noboribetsu Onsen and Sapporo / Lake Toya - Hokkaido, Japan

Noboribetsu Onsen is famous for hot spring in Hokkaido. Jigokudani or Hell Valley is must visit place when arrive Noboribetsu. I reviewed my trip in Noboribetsu, click here. You can access to Noboribetsu by train and bus. Many people agree that it is hard to search for English timetable. I also think so. Therefore, I provide Donan bus English Timetable between Noboribetsu and Sapporo / Lake Toya. Have a nice trip! 

Donan Bus Timetable: Noboribetsu Onsen - Sapporo  (Effective from 1st April 2022)

Sapporo to Noboribetsu Timetable

Bus Stops Name
Get On   Sapporo Station 10:00 13:40
  Shiroishi Hondori 2 Chome 10:10 13:50
  Shiroishi Hondori 8 Chome 10:12 13:52
  Nango 18 Chome 10:21 14:01
  Oyachi Bus Terminal 10:30 14:10
Get On & Off   Upopoy 11:40
Get Off   Kosoku Takeura 12:00 15:00
  Tsutsuji Bashi 12:17 15:17
  Noboribetsu Onsen 12:20 15:20
  Noboribetsu Onsen Chuo 12:20 15:20
  Daiichi Takimotokan 12:22 15:22
  Park Hotel 12:23 15:23
  Ashiyu Iriguchi  12:30 15:30
  (Footbath Entrance)

X refers to suspended buses.

Noboribetsu to Sapporo Timetable
Get On   Ashiyu Iriguchi  09:20 14:00
  (Footbath Entrance)
  Park Hotel 09:21 14:01
  Daiichi Takimotokan 09:24 14:04
  Noboribetsu Onsen Chuo 09:25 14:05
  Noboribetsu Onsen 09:30 14:10
  Tsutsuji Bashi 09:31 14:11
  Kosoku Takeura 09:40 14:20
Get On & Off   Upopoy 14:40
Get Off   Oyachi Bus Terminal 10:40 16:00
  Nango 18 Chome 10:44 16:04
  Shiroishi Hondori 8 Chome 10:52 16:12
  Shiroishi Hondori 2 Chome 10:54 16:14
  Sapporo Station 11:10 16:30

One Way Ticket (Adult)         2,200 yen

Round Trip Ticket (Adult) 4,100 yen

Donan Bus Timetable: Noboribetsu Onsen and Toyako Onsen (Lake Toya)

Update on 6th July 2020: All buses are suspended

Foothbath Entrance to Toyako Onsen

Get On Footbath Entrance 10:00 16:00
Park Hotel 10:01 16:01
Daiichi Takimoto 10:04 16:04
Noboribetsu Onsen Chuo 10:05 16:05
Noboribetsu Onsen  10:10 16:10
Get Off Toyako Onsen 11:15 17:15
Sakura-Machi 11:17 17:17
Chuo-Dori 11:19 17:19
Motomachi 11:21 17:21
Higashimachi  11:25 17:25

Toyako Onsen to Foothbath Entrance

Get On Higashimachi  08:20 14:20
Motomachi 08:21 14:21
Chuo-Dori 08:22 14:22
Sakura-Machi 08:23 14:23
Toyako Onsen 08:26 14:26
Get Off Noboribetsu Onsen  09:31 15:31
Noboribetsu Onsen Chuo 09:33 15:33
Daiichi Takimoto 09:35 15:35
Park Hotel 09:37 15:37
Footbath Entrance 09:45 15:45

One Way Fare: 1,900 yen

Reference: Donan Bus
Translated by Blue Moon

Nearest Bus Stop to the Hotel
Bus Stop Name Hotels

Noboribetsu Onsen                             Yumoto · Manseikaku · Grand Hotel
Noboribetsu Onsen Chuo               Mahoroba · Tama no yu · Takinoya
Daiichi Takimotokan                           Daiichi Takimotokan · Takimoto Inn
Park View Hotel                                  Park Miyabitei · Shimizuya
Ashiyu Iriguchi (Footbath Entrance) Sekisuitei
Toyako Onsen                                      Donan Bus Toya Bus Terminal

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  1. Hi Pear,
    I would like to find out if there are any bus from niseko to lake toya? I intend to go from niseko to lake toya to noboribetsu

    Thank you!

    1. Hi! The latest update bus timetable on website was on 1st April 2017 and winter timetable is not available yet so now there is no direct bus between niseko and lake toya. When is your trip?

  2. Hi! Thanks for replying. My trip is during december 2017. I see, was wondering if there are alternatives other than trains as we dont have jr pass on that day. (:

    1. Hi! It seems there is no direct bus between Niseko and Lake Toya. Direct bus runs between Sapporo and Niseko, New Chitose Airport and Niseko. Alternatively, you may take the bus Niseko to Rusutsu Resort (60-90 mins, 1000-1200 yen) and take the bus from Rusutsu Resort to Lake Toya (45 mins., 1,150 yen).

  3. Hi Blue Moon, thanks for the advice!!:)

  4. hi, Wondering if there is timetable for December between noboribetsu and lake toya? during winter time.

    1. Hi! The winter timetable is not available yet.

  5. Hi, I will be taking the bus from Lake Toya to Noboribetsu. May i know where do i board the bus at Lake Toya? Do i board at Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal? What is the bus number? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Yes,Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal. I'm not about the bus number. The bus should show the destination on the board. You can check with tourist information centre at bus terminal.

  6. Hi Blue Moon, Thank you for the great sharing with regards to Donan Bus.
    From your page, i saw there is only one bus trip from Noboribetsu Onsen to Toyako Onsem BT. Is there any other timing?

    My plan is to go to Toyako Onsen BT from Chitose Airport end of Sept. I will arrived abt 930-10am. Also i saw only 2 buses daily to Noboribetsu Onsen Terminal. One 1210 and 1315.

    I could go to Sapporo Station first and take bus to Toyako Onsen BT. But if i can drop by in Noribetsu Onsen and go to Hell--- Jigo--- then it will nice.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi! There are two buses runs from Noboribetsu Onsen to Toyako Onsen (09:00 / 15:00).

      If your plan is going to Noboribetsu Onsen first, you can take the indirect bus from airport. Take Highway Bus Hayabusa from Chitose Airport bound for Muroran. Get off at the "Noboribetsu" stop and then get on the bus bounds for Noboribetsu Onsen.

      It takes 55 minutes from airport to the transfer point, then take the bus for 15 minutes to Noboribetsu Onsen.

      Bus Timetable (From New Chitose Airport)
      09:30 / 11:00 / 12:30

      I'm not sure whether my response covers all your question. If I miss anything, please let me know.

    2. Hi Pear,

      Thanks for quick reply and the info. For your info im heading to Toyako Onsem Bus Terminal from CTS airport. By your input, i can see my plan will be like this, pls correct me if im wrong.

      Chitose Airport arrival 10am
      Take bus bound to Muroran (hayabussa bus) 11am
      Arrive Noboribetsu arround 1hr - 12pm
      Take Bus to Noboribetsu Onsen (Bus Terminal?) at 1300
      Arrive Noboribetsu Onsen 1315-1330
      Wait for next Bus to Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal at 1500
      Arrived Toyaka Onsen 1615

      It will be 3 transfer overall. I hope i will not lost.
      The Noboribetsu stop is the same as Noboribetsu Station & its bus stop?

    3. Hi Rizki,

      I just correct some of your plan as follows:

      12:10 Take the bus from Noboribetsu (NA Bus) to Noboribetsu Onsen. The bus stop is in front of JR Noboribetsu Station.


      12:12 You can get off at Shiomizaka bus stop (N3) and then take the bus to Noboribetsu Onsen.

      12:24 Arrive Noboribetsu Onsen
      Noboribetsu Onsen bus stop is the same as Bus Terminal.

      You can also get off at Daiichi Takimotokan (N13) as it is closer to Jigokudani than Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Stop.

    4. Hi Pear!

      Getting closer there. I will catch Hayabusa bus at 1100. Next catch another bus in Noboribetsu Station going to Noboribetsu Onsen at 1210, if i miss, another bus at 1300.

      The bus station in Noboribetsu Station is in front of JR Noboribetsu station. Is the bus showing the signs of Noboribetsu Onsen in English?

      The idea to get off at N13 is a good idea as i have time to walk by at Jigokudani before taking last bus to Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal at 1510. But i need to walk back to Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Station.

    5. Hi Rizki,

      The bus should show NA Bus or 登別温泉 (Noboribetsu Onsen) in front of the bus.

      You can also get on the bus at Daiichi Takimotokan bus stop at 15:04. If you are not sure about the bus, you can contact the information centre at bus terminal.

      Have a nice trip!

    6. Hi Pear

      Thank you very much for the detail info. I hope it will be smooth and easy.

      Have a nice day / Konichiwa

    7. Hello there.
      Hi Pear how are you

      I was in Toyako,Noboribetsu last September - October. Was great journey thanks to your guide.

      i am planning to go again to see winter condition and New Year.
      Is the bus timetable still the same and even on public holiday especially New year?

    8. Hi Rizki,

      Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad that you had a wonderful trip.

      The bus timetable should be updated around early December. Please check it again next month.

  7. Hi,
    Really hope to get some help here.

    1. plan to travel from Noboribetsu to Lake Toya, any idea if bus pass by hotel GrandvillagenToya Daiwa Ryokan?

    2. Next day, wish to know is there a bus way to Sapporo? By Donan bus? time? or must take JR?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi!

      1. Do you mean Daiwa Ryokan Annex, right? Please take the direct bus from Noboribetsu Onsen to Toya Bus Terminal, then walk 250m. to hotel.
      or you can take the bus from Toya Station (in case taking JR to JR Toya Station) to Sakuramachi Bus Stop.

      Please check this page for your reference.

      2. Donan Bus, there are 4 trips per day from Toyako to Sapporo.
      07:05-09:54, 09:30-12:10, 12:10-14:50, 17:10-19:50

      (The timetable on1st April 2018)

      Anyway, please recheck at Bus Terminal.

  8. Hello!
    Struggling to find the Donan bus timetable for Sapporo to Toyako onsen in English (leaving tomorrow!). Would you have any information about these times? Any help much appreciated :)

    1. Hi! Lucy,

      Please find the bus timetable from Sapporo Station to Toyako Onsen as follows:

      10:10-12:50 / 14:10-16:50 / 16:10-19:00 / 17:10-19:50

      One way fare: 2780 yen

      Have a nice trip!

  9. Hi Pear..
    Can you advise the bus route from JR sapporo station to Toyako onsen station? I'm going to visit Sapporo in this coming December.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Pinky Pinky,

      The below bus timetable is based on 1st April. I think the bus timetable will be updated again for the winter bus in December.

      There are 4 direct buses from Sapporo Station to Toyako Onsen
      10:10-12:50 / 14:10-16:50 / 16:10-19:00 / 17:10-19:50

      There is 1 bus from Sapporo Station to Toya Station

  10. Do you have the timetable for direct buses from Toyako Onsen to Sapporo?

    1. Toyako Onsen -> Sapporo Station

      07:05-09:54 / 09:30-12:10 / 12:10-14:50 / 17:10-19:50

  11. Hi Pear, wondering if you're able to help me please. A friend and I are planning the trips below after skiing in Niseko, can you help advise the best transportation to and from these places? in terms or prices and timing if possible? I too can't find a English version of the donan bus schedule. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Niseko - Lake Toya (Day trip)
    2. Lake Toya - Noboribetsu
    3. Noboribetsu- Sapporo

    1. Hi!

      Travelling by bus is cost saving but sometimes takes time but these routes I also recommend taking the bus especially the direct bus.

      Lake Toya - Noboribetsu and Noboribetsu - Sapporo bus timetable, please see the above information in this article.

      Niseko - Lake Toya direct bus was available until the 15th Jan 2019 so you may take JR from Niseko to Toya Station, then take Donan bus to Toya Bus Terminal or other bus stops nearby.

    2. Thanks so much for coming back to me so quickly! Can I also ask, do we need to buy/reserve the tickets in advance or can we buy it on the spot?

    3. I'm not sure about buying ticket in advance. I heard that can make a phone reservation but require Japanese speaking so you may contact the staff at the Donan bus counter when you arrive New Chitose Airport.

  12. Hi Bluemoon, is there any bus number for donan bus from Noboribetsu Onsen to Toyako Onsen (Lake Toya)? I plan to take the bus from Daiichi Takimotokan to Toyako onsen. and do you know is the bus also effective until 31 october 2019? and will it be crowded, because we don't reserve the seats? we (8 persons) plan to go there, so just wondered, can we get the seats?
    thank you in advance.:)

    1. Hi! I'm not sure the bus number but it is the express bus. The bus should show the word 高速 いぶり号 or you can ask Donan Bus office. In my opinion, this bus timetable should be effective until end November. Seat reservation is not required. If you are concerned about the seat availability, you may contact Donan bus office and probably buy the ticket in advance at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal before the departure date.

    2. Hi Bluemoon, if I buy the ticket in advance at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus terminal, can I take the bus from Daiichi Takimotokan? and do you know where we should wait for the bus? is there any bus stop for this express bus near Daiichi Takimotokan? Thanks a lot :)

    3. Hi!

      Can I take the bus from Daiichi Takimotokan?
      - It should be no problem.

      Do you know where we should wait for the bus?
      - Bus Stop N13 / 第一滝本前 (Daiichi Takimotomae)
      See the map for your reference. Please wait at "You're here"

      To Be sure, you can check with staff when buy the ticket.

  13. Hello Blue Moon, thanks for this!
    Just wondering if the Sapporo departure point is the bus terminal to your left with the train station behind you and if this schedule is valid also for February 2020.

    1. Hi! The bus terminal is inside the Esta shopping center. FYI, please click here for the map.

      Normally, the bus timetable will be updated in December and April.

  14. Hi, thank you for the timetable. Would like to check for the Donan bus from Park Hotel (Noboribetsu) to Toyako Onsen, where does it drop us off at Toyako and is the pick up point the same for the return trip back to Noboribetsu? Thank you!

    1. Hi! Get on and get off at Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal. Please check the bus stop number again there.

  15. Hi there!
    Do you have the timetable for direct buses from Toyako Onsen to Sapporo for October? Thank you so much! Ur website info is super useful !

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. This timetable should remain unchange until early December. If there is anything change, we will let you know.

  16. hi, i see that the website allow us to book bus ticket online, but can i buy the ticket when i arrive (in sapporo train station)?

  17. Hi
    Thank you being so generous in sharing.

    I am travelling from toya onsen in the morning and plan to go noboribetsu hell valley in the afternoon.

    1. According to the schedule, toya onsen bus to noboribetsu onsen only has one timing in the afternoon, at 1506, correct? What if i miss the time, is any other alternate mode of transport? Is taxi available in the area?

    2. How to get to noboribetsu station from noboribetsu hell valley? Any bus schedule?

    3. From toya bus terminal, how to get to usuzan ropeway? It is by walking distant or has to take another bus? Then from uszan ropeway, how to get back to toya bus terminal? Is there bus schedule?

    4. As the timing for the bus is fixed, i am afraid that i may miss the bus, is there taxi easily accessible there? Is there a place i need to go to take the taxi?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi! Please see my reply as follows:

      1. Yes. If you miss this bus, take the bus from Toya Onsen Bus Terminal to JR Toya Station. Bus Timetable. Next, take JR to JR Noboribetsu Station and then take bus to Noboribetsu Onsen.

      2. Take Donan Bus to the clostest bus stop and short walk to Hell Valley.
      Click here for more detail.

      3. Toya Travel Winter Bus is available during this winter. Click here for more detail.

      4. Please find the detail about Taxi, click here.
      The detail is on the bottom of the page.
      Hope this can help.