Travel Between Kansai International Airport and Namba - Osaka, Japan

Namba is located in the middle of Minami (South) Osaka and access to shopping arcade and business center. Train and bus are easy way to travel between Kansai Airport and downtown Osaka, including Namba station. 


JR does not runs between Kansai Airport and Namba directly. You can interchange at Tennoji Station by these 2 trains, then take JR or subway to Namba Station.

1. Kansai Airport Express Haruka (30 minutes to Tennoji)

There is free Wi-Fi on the train. JR-West pass covers non-reserved seat of Kansai Airport Express Haruka. It is unnecessary for reserving the seat. There are plenty seats available if you take the train from the airport.

Ticket Price (Non-Reserved Seat) Kansai Airport - Tennoji Station
1,710 yen



Image: JR West

The ICOCA is prepaid card, can be used for shopping and public transportation. ICOCA & HARUKA combines ICOCA" IC card (pre-charged with 1,500 yen) and a discounted ticket for the Kansai-Airport Express "HARUKA." If you have a ICOCA card, you can purchase "HARUKA discount ticket" only. One way fare between Kansai Airport and Tennoji Station is 1,100 yen and round trip 2,200 yen if you already have ICOCA.

More Information, click here

2. Kansai Airport Rapid Service (45 minutes to Tennoji)

Map: Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport Rapid Service to Kansai Airport only car 1-4 go to airport and car 5-8 go to Wakayama. The train stops at Hineno Station for few minutes. Please make sure that you go to right car. Please avoid using Kansai Airport Rapid Service during the rush hour, it's crowded. JR-West pass covers Kansai Airport Rapid Service Line.

Photo: JR West

Ticket Price: 1,060 yen

After arrive Tennoji Station, take JR (160 yen, 6 minutes) / subway (230 yen, 6 minutes) to Namba Station 


Kansai Thru Pass covers Nankai Airport Express (not include limited express), Nankai Airport Line.

There are 3 types of tickets:

1. Airport Express: Adult 920 yen, Child 460 yen
Duration: 45-50 minutes

2. Limited Exp. Rapi:t (Regular)*:  Adult 1,430 yen, Child 720 yen

Duration: 38 minutes
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3. Limited Exp. Rapi:t (Super)*: Adult 1,640 yen, Child 930 yen

Duration: 38 minutes
Buy Online

*You can purchase "KANKU WEBTOKU TICKET" on website, 300 yen cheaper.

KANKU-WEBTOKU TICKET is one way train ticket between Kansai Airport Station and Namba Station. It's non refundable ticket.

Exchange Counter: 

1Nankai Kansai Airport Station Ticket Office, Map 

2. Nankai Namba Station Service Center (2F)


Airport Limousine Bus is available between Kansai International Airport and OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal). It takes 50 minutes. OCAT is closed to JR Namba and Namba Subway (Yotsubashi Line) so when arrive OCAT terminal bus stop, can connect to subway or JR line. 

Bus timetable is on website. No need to reserve the seats; first come first served. 
Luggage can load underneath the bus.

  - One Way:      Adult 1,050 yen, Child 530 yen
  - Round Trip:   Adult 1,850 yen(Valid for 14 consecutive days from the date of first use)
                          Child Unspecified

Purchase the ticket at ticket vending machines. For Namba OCAT, bus stop no. 11 (at Kansai Airport Terminal 1), and bus stop no.6 for Terminal 2.

Mid Night Bus

Terminal 1Terminal 2Nankai Namba

*Terminal 1 bus stop no.5, 1st Floor
  Terminal 2 bus stop no.3

Early Morning Bus

Namba OCATTerminal 1Terminal 2

Nankai Line is the cheapest way for the transportation even you don't buy the pass. If you buy the JR-West pass, you may take Kansai Airport Express Haruka.

Transportation Destination Price Duration
Kansai Airport Express Haruka Tennoji Station 1,710 yen 30 minutes
Kansai Airport Rapid Service Tennoji Station 1,060 yen 45 minutes
Nankai Nankai Namba Station
  - Airport Express 920 yen 45-50 minutes
 - Limited Exp. Rapi:t (Regular) 1,430 yen 38 minutes
 - Limited Exp. Rapi:t (Super) 1,640 yen 38 minutes
Bus OCAT 1,050 yen 50 minutes

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