Travel from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung is located in center-western Taiwan. Taichung is where you can connect the bus to sightseeing in Nantou e.g. Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm and etc. It takes only 1 hour from Taipei to Taichung by high speed rail. There are several options traveling from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung. Bus taking is least expensive but takes time. Taoyuan Airport has 2 terminals.

By Public Transportation

1. Bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung (130 minutes)

1.1 Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport no. 1860, Interval 60-120 minutes
1.2 Free Go Bus no. 5503, Interval 40-50 minutes
1.3 UBus no. 1623, Interval 30-60 minutes 

Fare: NT$240 - NT$300

Bus Timetable, click here  (select Taichung)

2. Bus from Taoyuan Airport -> HSR Taoyuan -> HSR Taichung

Take Ubus no.705 to HSR Taoyuan Station (25 minutes, NT$30)

HSR Taoyuan Station to HSR Taichung Station (40 minutes)
  - Adult: Reserved seat NT$540, Non-reserved seat NT$520, Business Seat NT$1,010
  - Child / Disable: Reserved seat NT$270, Non-reserved seat NT$260

3. Bus from Taoyuan Airport - > TRA Taoyuan -> TRA Taichung

Take Ubus no.706 to TRA Taoyuan Station (50 minutes, NT$36)
Take TRA Taoyuan Station to TRA Taichung Station (104 minutes, NT$308)

4. MRT from Taoyuan Airport -> HSR Taoyuan -> HSR Taichung

MRT Taoyuan Airport to MRT Taoyuan Station (10 minutes, NT$35)
Change to HSR Taoyuan Station and go to HSR Taichung.

HSR Taoyuan Station to HSR Taichung Station (40 minutes)
  - Adult: Reserved seat NT$540, Non-reserved seat NT$520
  - Child / Disable: Reserved seat NT$270, Non-reserved seat NT$260

Taichung has HSR Taichung Station and TRA Taichung Station, do not confuse.
TRA Taichung is near bus stop to Nantou and other sightseeing places.

I choose Option 4 because it is faster and convenient. I arrived at Terminal 2. Follow the sign to Taoyuan Airport MRT. Buy the ticket at the vending machine. The machine does not accept the NT$ 1000 banknote. Fortunately, I had NT$100 banknote. Touch the screen where you would like to go to. I chose Taoyuan HSR Station (A18). There is only commuter train to this station. Free wifi is available on MRT.

Follow the sign to Zhongli.

Arrived HSR Taoyuan Station. Buy the ticket and check timetable. You must see the platform number on the board. You can buy advance online ticket on Taiwan High Speed Rail website or from agent. I recommend to buy the ticket on Kkday ( because no need to specify the travel time and also get the discount. 

Look at the car number on ticket and follow the sign to that number. The sign on the left shows the car number 1-6 and on the right shows car number 7-12. My ticket showed car number 4 so I went to left side and go to that platform number which already checked from the timetable . 

If you would like to go to TRA Taichung, follow TRA sign after get off HSR Taichung Station.

Here is TRA timetable from TRA Xinwuri Station to TRA Taichung Station (NT$ 15).
If you would like to get off at the front of TRA Taichung Station, please use exit no.2 or 3.

Update June 2019

Xinwuri Dep. Taichung Arr. Remark Xinwuri Dep. Taichung Arr. Remark
05:10 05:22
14:49 14:57
06:06 06:18
15:02 15:14 Daily
06:18 06:30 Daily 15:22 15:34
06:26 06:38 Daily 15:28 15:40
06:34 06:46
15:52 16:04 Daily
06:54 07:06
16:22 16:34
07:06 07:18
16:37 16:50
07:20 07:32
16:51 17:03 Daily
07:48 08:00
17:21 17:33 Daily
07:53 08:05 Daily 17:26 17:38 Daily
08:04 08:14 Daily 17:37 17:50 Daily
08:23 08:35 Daily 17:46 17:54 Daily
09:02 09:14 Daily 18:06 18:18 Daily
09:28 09:40 Daily 18:25 18:37 Daily
09:54 10:06 Daily 18:35 18:48 Daily
10:08 10:20 Daily 18:58 19:10 Daily
10:25 10:37 Daily 19:20 19:32 Daily
10:39 10:52
19:35 19:47 Daily
11:03 11:15 Daily 19:55 20:07 Daily
11:25 11:37 Daily 20:03 20:15 Daily
11:44 11:56
20:22 20:34 Daily
12:01 12:13
20:37 20:50 Daily
12:25 12:37 Daily 21:03 21:15
12:43 12:55 Daily 21:37 21:49
13:02 13:14 Daily 21:52 22:04 Daily
13:38 13:50 Daily 22:06 22:18 Daily
14:02 14:14 Daily 22:36 22:48 Daily
14:10 14:22 Daily 23:16 23:28 Daily
14:25 14:37 Daily

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  2. Hi,do they have information in english for the mrt taoyuan station and hsr station?

    1. Hi!

      The information of MRT website


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  5. Hi, I need some advice here. If I have a big luggage, which transportation should I use? TRA Train got big space to put luggage? is there any washroom in the train?

    1. Hi! You can either take the bus or train. For me, I selected the option no.4.
      Regarding TRA, if you mean the trip between Xinwuri and Taichung, it's local train so no storage for the luggage and no washroom. If you mean the trip between Taoyuan and Taichung, it should have both luggage space and washroom.

  6. Hi...
    Is the Bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung stop for toilet break?

    1. I'm not sure. The journey is only 2 hours approximately so in my idea, the bus probably not stop for toilet break.