Toya Travel Winter Bus 2019-2020, Hokkaido, Japan

Toya Travel Winter Bus provides the bus service route of Silo Observatory, Showa Shinzan, Toyako Onsen. The bus runs during the 1st December 2019 - 29th February 2020. The service is suspended during 30th December 2019 - 3rd January 2020. There are 4 round trip/day between Silo Observatory and Showa Shinzan.

Bus Fare:

Toyako Onsen ⇔ Showa Shinzan
One way 350 yen / Round trip 640 yen

Silo Observatory Toya Lake Onsen
One way 510 yen (no round trip ticket)

Bus Route

Toya Travel Winter Bus Bus Stops

Tenboudai -> Showa Shinzan via Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal Timetable

Showa Shinzan -> Tenboudai via Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal Timetable

Ref: Toyako Onsen Tourist Association

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  1. Thanks for the information, I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  2. hi can i check
    1) any bus from toya station to toya onsen bus terminal? if yes, what time must i take the bus from Toya station in order to take the bus at toya onsen bus terminal at 1025?
    2) after going the usuzan ropeway, i intend to go to noboribetsu hell valley. Is there any bus that go from toya onsen bus terminal to noboribetsu onsen? what is the bus schedule?
    3) if the bus is not available, is it easy to get taxi around toya onsen bus terminal and noboribetsu onsen?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi! Please see my reply as follows:

      1. Yes, please take the bus at 9:40
      Lake Toya Bus Timetale

      2. Yes, Bus timetable, click here

      3. Bus is available so I skip this question.

    2. Hi
      Thank for your quik response.

      Can i also ask

      1) is toya onsen same as toya onsen bus terminal?
      2) from toya onsen bus terminal , do i need to take another bus to go nsuzan ropeway? or just walk? if yes what bus, any bus schedule?
      3)As the bus from from toya onsen bus terminal to noboribetsu onsen in afternoon is 1506 (only one timing, correct?), how long does it take to go from usuzan ropeway to toya onsen bus terminal? (i just want to make sure if dont miss the bus at 1506)
      4) in case i miss the bus, is taxi easily assessible over there? is there a specific place i need to go to take the taxi?
      5)to go noboribetsu hell valley, do i alight at noboribetsu onsen station?
      6)how to go back to sappora station from noboribetsu hell valley? (any bus schedule)

      Thank you!!

    3. I have already replied some questions in your previous comment so I skip some questions here.
      Toya Onsen Bus Terminal is located in the area of Toya Onsen. You can take the bus or taxi (10 minutes from Toyako Onsen).

      Donan bus runs between Noboribetsu Station and Sapporo
      Bus Timetable