One day in Odaiba - Tokyo, Japan

Odaiba is an entertainment area in Tokyo and now is popular tourists attraction. 
We can enjoy spending time here for whole day especially with family, boyfriend or girlfriend. Odaiba consists of shopping area, theme park, restaurants, park, exhibition center. Each place is close to each other.


There are 3 ways to access here.

1. By Monorail: Yurikamome line. Take train to JR Shimbashi station and connect to monorail. There is one day pass cost 820 yen for adult. I would recommend taking monorail because it is fast and can see the views of both sides. Highly recommend to buy one day pass. Mostly, people would like to sit at the front as can see the best views. This train is an automated.

2. By Train (Rinkai Line) is mutual operation with JR Saikyo Line so can access from Shinjuku, Shibuya directly. From Shinjuku to Odaiba, takes about 40 minutes. One day pass cost 700 yen for adult.

3. By Boat - can take boat from Asakusa (beside Asakusa station of Ginza subway line). The Asakusa-Odaiba Line takes 50 minutes and cost 1560 yen.

Fuji TV Building

I saw Fuji TV Building while I was taking the monorail.
The building was really high.

Tokyo Bight Sight 

Take monorail to Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon Station. 
It's an exhibition and convention center. The building is big and there is also food center inside the building.

Palette Town

Take monorail Yurikamome line to Aomi Station.

Venus Fort

It is shopping mall decorating in European style. It separated into various zone such as outlet zone, family zone, grand zone. Mostly shops are brand name.
Family zone consists of Hello Kitty, pet zone. 

Rainbow Bridge

I recommend to to take photo here at night. Really surprised, looked like painting.
It seemed to be one of symbols of Odaiba. If we walked about 3-5 minutes from Aqua City, we could take photo both rainbow bridge and The Statue of Liberty. It was in the same area.

The atmosphere in Odaiba does not make you feel like staying in downtown area or in Tokyo. It is peaceful and can enjoy easy life. If you have time, may purchase one day pass and take monorail to other stations.

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