(Review) Kindness Hotel - Zhong Shan Bade - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kindness Hotel - Zhong Shan Bade is located in XinXing District. The hotel is near MRT station, bus stop and Liouhe Tourist Night Market. I stayed here for 4 nights. The price for 2 business twin rooms and 4 nights was NTD 17,201.09 (after the discount) including breakfast. 


MRT Formosa Boulevard Station.

Exit 11 is the closest exit but there is no elevator or escalator. If you prefer to take an elevator or escalator, please go to exit no.1

You can also access by private transfer as I reviewed in the previous article.

There are 2 attractions around here which are Dome of light and Liouhe Tourist Night Market. I will take about this in other article.

Room is clean and comfortable. My family said that a pillow was too flat but I had no problem. Room has enough space to walk around and put the luggage.

Cotton buds, dental floss and comb are provided in the drawer.

Free drinking water, tea and coffee everyday.


Shampoo, conditioner and body bath for female are on the left side and for male were on the right side. Body lotion and facial foam are near the wash basin. Moreover, shower cap, razor and toothbrush are under the wash basin. Everything are provided, excellent!

Laundry room is on the 8th floor. There is no additional charge for this service. Free detergent is also available.

Breakfast room is on the 1st floor, starts from 7:00 a.m.

- Congee with side dishes e.g. pork floss, bamboo shoot.
- Bread with jam, butter
- Stir-fried vegetables
- Soup
- Tea, Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice
- Ice Cream

Main dish including soup are always changed. Ice Cream, Tea & Coffee is available 24 hours.  

Overall, I like this hotel. Everything is provided and enough. Good location. Bus Stop is in front of the hotel. The convenience store (7-11) is only 30m. walking from the hotel. You can also walk to Liouhe Tourist Night Market (500 m.). Moreover, the hotel is located not far from Kaohsiung Main Station. There are several restaurants around here e.g. Mos Burger, Burger King, McDonald's, Yoshinoya, KFC and etc.   

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