Short Trip in Pärnu - Estonia

Pärnu is located in Southwestern Estonia and may be destination of tourists in summer. There are large sandy beaches. I would like to travel from Tallinn, Estonia to Riga, Latvia. The duration is 4 hours by taking the bus. It takes time so I made a stop at Pärnu before heading to Riga which took 1 hour and 50 minutes. I took Lux Express bus at Tallinn Bus Stop. You can check other details about the bus from my previous post

Tallinn to Pärnu

The taxi fare from Tallinn Port to bus station was 7 euro approximately. I arrived bus terminal prior 30 minutes before departure time. You can check the bus stop number from your ticket on or at the board in bus station. The bus for short trip is the purple one and no coffee and tea on board. The scenery on the way through the bus view was not interesting so I slept.

Pärnu Coach Station

Finally, I arrived Pärnu, Estonia. It's Saturday afternoon so it looked tranquil. If you visit Pärnu, please come on weekdays. The shops open from morning to 3 pm. on Saturday and close on Sunday so nothing to do much because the shops closed, including some restaurants. Actually, Pärnu is the holiday destination and not a busy town. However, I saw a teenager drove the car badly while another people drove motorcycle noisily. 

You can walk from bus station to the beach which takes 20 minutes. I did not walk to the beach as the weather was cold and windy. 

This photo was taken around 4 pm.

This photo was taken in the early morning.

I walked for sightseeing in Pärnu. The sightseeing spots are not far from bus station. 
I show you the map of attractions. The next day, I visit the attractions early in the morning the trip took time not more than 1 hour. I did not visit all the attractions.

Map: Visit Estonia
B: Pärnu Town Hall

I also saw the sign of Tourist Information Centre here.

C: St. Catherine's Church in Pärnu

E: The Red Tower

Although the shops close on Sunday and after 3 pm on Saturday, you can still do shopping at department store. 

If you want to go some shopping, Just go straight from bus station, you will find Rimi Supermarket. Keep going to another supermarket. COOP at Port Artur 2, some of you may heard about it. In my opinion, goods price at COOP is cheaper than Rimi Supermarket. Port of Artur has 2 buildings. 

Port of Artur Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00
Sunday 10:00-18:00

Grocery Store: Mon-Sun 9:00-22:00 

Port of Artur is 300-400 m. from the bus station.

Port of Artur on the left side if you walk from the bus station has Delice Supermarket on the 1st floor. You can find some fresh bakery here with reasonable price. On the highest floor is the theater zone and has free public toilets.

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