Tallinn Old Town One Day Trip - Estonia

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. It takes 2-2.30 hours from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn by ferry. You can plan for one day trip. Some travelers prefer not to stay one night in Tallinn, just want to take the earliest trip (ferry) from Finland and the last flight from Tallinn to Helsinki. Yes, yo can do it. I stayed in Tallinn for one night because wanted to to travel to other city in Estonia. The goods price is cheap in my point of view especially clothes, snacks, souvenirs. 

I started the trip at Tallinn Port. There are shops and department stores nearby. Nautica, the department store opens 09:00-20:00 except Rimi Hypermarket 08:00-20:00 which I already mentioned in previous article.

Sadama Market is located near Tallinn Port Terminal A. It is not the big store and not much people here. The shops sells souvenirs, clothes, accessories and etc., few restaurants here. 

Super Alko sells alcohol products and tobacco products.

Old Town is main sightseeing places of Tallinn. It is really big old town and you may get lost easily. Do not forget to pick up sightseeing map from the hotel / tourist information center. The public toilets spot are shown on map.

Tallinn Map: Visit Tallinn

How to get to Tallinn Old Town from ferry / Tallinn Port?

1. Bus no. 2 - The bus stop is in front of Tallinn Port Terminal D. Fare starts from 1 euro and buy the ticket from the driver is 2 euro. Please prepare for the exact fare. 

Bus Timetable Website

Main Bus Stops

Reisisadam A-Terminal -> Near Tallinn Port Terminal A
Reisisadam D-Terminal -> Near Tallinn Port Terminal D
A. Laikmaa -> 5 walks to Viru Gate (Old Town)
Bussijaam -> Tallinn Bus Station

2. Taxi - The taxis park a lot near the port. You can call taxi there. Before boarding, please ask about the estimate fare. The fare to old town should not exceed 7 euro. If you come with your group or senior, it's worth to take taxi. Another choice is use the application "Taxify". Download it and check the fare.

3. Walking - I selected this option because I wanted to look around the city. It takes 15-20 minutes walking. Just walking follow the group of people or the map. Most of them walk to the old town or downtown area.

On the way to old town, I found one department store "Postimaja Shopping Centre". If you are looking for the clothes, they were reasonable price. The toilet and supermarket are on the basement floor.

Keep walking to old town. Finally, I arrived Viru Gate. The flowers shops are located near Viru Gate. McDonald's and toilet is not far from here. I did not follow the map, just kept walking so I might skip some sightseeing place. Matryoshka Dolls (Russian Dolls) can be found in many souvenir shops here.

Viru Gate 

The barbican of Viru Gate was part of the defence system of Tallinn city wall built in the 14th century. A couple of centuries later, it already had 8 gates that consisted of several towers and curtain walls connecting them. The main tower of a gate was always square and the barbicans were equipped with one or two small round towers. 

Ref: Visit Estonia Website

The yellow square is the public toilet, is close to Viru Gate

Tallinn is quite safe and clean. The weather was a little bit cold. I think there'll be many tourists in summer.

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square has been a market place and the centre of this old Hanseatic town since the Middle Ages. It became the centre of the Lower Town at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries (Ref: Visit Estonia). Many events are held around here. Cafe, convenience stores and restaurants are around the square. 

Estonian History Museum

Taliinn Tourist Information Centre. Normally, the office opens 09:00 except Sunday 10:00. You can check the opening hours here.

On the way to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Hellemann Tower and Town Wall

Entrance fee is 4 euro, free admission with Tallinn Card. Opens Wed-Mon 10:00-17:00.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was decorated Russian Orthodox church. It's worth for visiting. Photo taking inside the church is prohibited. Near the church has a public toilet.

If you are afraid of getting lost, please use google map or follow the big group of people. Before I went back to hotel, I found the panorama view at Kohtuotsa Viewing platform.

I could go down from here. There are the stairs. This photo was taken after I came down. 

I walked back to hotel or if you get tired, you can take the taxi or the bus.

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