(Review) Hestia Hotel Seaport - Tallinn, Estonia

Hestia Hotel Seaport is close to Tallinn Port - Terminal D, only 1-2 minutes walk. There are 2 Hestia Hotels near Tallinn Port which are Seaport and Europa so do not go to the wrong one. I chose this hotel because of the location and the price. There are no triple room so I selected the family room instead. Pets are allowed.


Short walk from Tallinn Port - Terminal D. You can walk to old town 15-20 minutes or take the bus no.2 / taxi.

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The room rate of Hestia Hotel Seaport was 112 euro (included  breakfast). The room is located on the 1st floor. Actually, they are 2 rooms and have a connecting door so I got 2 keys for 2 rooms and could enter the room from both doors. Each room has its own bathroom. The beds are comfortable but the temperature in the room and the floor were a little bit cold even has heater, may be the location is near the port so I wore a jacket and socks before I slept. Free wifi, signal is ok.

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The first room

The second room

The connecting door.

There is no kettle in the room. I wanted some cup of hot water so I asked the reception. She said that she allowed me to get some hot water near the reception desk. The tap water is drinkable. 

No wardrobe but has hangers near the door. 


Shower, Towels, Hairdryer, Liquid soap are available. Bathroom is big, has enough space. 

Breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m.The room is near the reception. You should be arrive there prior at least 5 minutes. There are a lot of guests here. If you are late, the seats may be full and long queue for food. By the way around 7:00-7:30 a.m., it's crowded and a bit noisy. You may avoid this time if you are not hurry. Some guests take the ferry for the morning period.

Nearby places

Nautica is the department store nears the port Terminal D. There are supermarket on 1st floor, cafe, shops, and restaurants on 1st-2nd floor. There are free toilets on the 2nd floor. 

Rimi Hypermarket opens 08:00-22:00 Some of you may know Rimi Hypermarket already. You can buy food, groceries, household items and etc. Do not forget to take your own cloth bag for shopping. If you are looking the instant food, not much but you could find some snacks here.

If you prefer Asian Food, I recommend this restaurant on the 2nd floor "chi". The taste was not bad, affordable price. The price on menu does not include vat. The waiting time for ordered food was 15-20 minutes so please make sure that you are not in hurry or too hungry. It was a bit slow but I could wait. You can pay by cash or credit card. 

Moreover if you look for some clothes in cheap or medium price, you can find the shops on the first floor. 

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