Review Aeroflot (Russian Airlines)

Aeroflot is russian airline and has many routes to Europe, Asia including Bangkok. I travelled to Europe by Aeroflot. I chose the multi-city flights. Travelling from Bangkok to Helsinki (Finland) and from Latvia to Bangkok. Both routes must transit at Russia. The main reason I chose Aeroflot is the price. 

I compared the price between Finnair and Aeroflot and Finnair is quite expensive. I noticed that there was promotion of Finnair around December but I did not buy the ticket because I wanted to make sure that the visa was approved before purchasing the ticket. There are many people purchase the air ticket before having the visa due to the promotion but it is risk if the visa is rejected. Therefore, once visa is approved, the ticket price is up. My air ticket price was 31,xxx Baht. If you got promotion, you can buy at 2x,xxx Baht. It's up to you what you will choose.

I flied with Aeroflot both from Bangkok to Moscow, Russia and Moscow to Helsinki. You can do online check-in 24 hours before departure time and select the seat as you like. The boarding pass can be printed at the counter or send to your email. I chose sending to my email (in case dropping anywhere) and also printed at the counter. Mileage is accumulated by Skymiles. 

The flight from Bangkok to Moscow is about 11 hours. When I bought the ticket, the system showed the flight duration was 10 hours. Before the departure date, I got a message that the flight duration will increase 1 hour for my round trip so I had less transit time. Please make sure that you always get an update of the flight schedule.

I got 2 boarding pass when check-in at the counter in Bangkok. I recommend you should have at least 2-3 hours for transit time. The boarding time was 40 minutes before departure time. I had less than 2 hours transit time because of the flight schedule changed. Moreover, when I arrived the destination, my luggage was not arrived due to the broken belt at Moscow Airport. If you have longer transit time, it can also reduce this problem. Later, the staff sent my luggage to the hotel but some passengers chose to pick up the luggage at the airport on the next day.

The flight departed on time. The slippers and blanket are at your seat. The flight attendants will give an earphone after take off for a while. I think the reason is because of the safety but on the way back from Europe to Bangkok, they did not give me. 

The seats of Bangkok-Moscow flight was ok but not comfortable for who are 185 cm tall or over. The seats are 2-4-2. Unlike the route between Moscow-Europe was more comfortable. 

Seats (Bangkok - Moscow)

Seats (Moscow - Europe)

The first drink was served after take off. I tried the berry juice. Normally, other airlines always serve orange juice and apple drink. After they served the drink and dinner / breakfast, they did not serve anything until the next meal (even the drinks). I recommend you to bring one bottle of drinking water on board. Luckily, I bought one. By the way, you can walk to the back and ask for some drinks.

The entertainment on board was not interesting. The monitor was touch screen but when you touch anywhere on it, it was delayed for 5-7 seconds. The music and video were outdated and mostly was Russian language so I just only watched the flight route and slept. 

The toilet was ok (from Bangkok to Europe) but the flight back to Bangkok, there was not cleaning at all. Toothbrush and toothpaste were available but was limited.

The first meal (Bangkok-Moscow). The chocolate cake was delicious but a bit sweet.

The second meal (Bangkok-Moscow)

The snack (Moscow - Helsinki), bread (chicken) and apple 

The snack (Riga, Latvia - Moscow), bread and apple.

I did take photo of the meal from Moscow to Bangkok but I was not impresses with taste of meal. I prefer the food for Bangkok - Moscow flight.

For your information, Aeroflot accepts domestic and tamed pets such as cats, dogs and birds for carriage, including in the aircraft cabin. I was surprise when I saw the passenger near me, put the cat under his seat. Information about the pets policy, click here.

Overall, the flight from Bangkok was ok except drinking but I did not like the service of flight from Moscow to Bangkok. It depends on each flight. If you ask about the flight delay, there is some delay but not much. You must listen to announcement at the airport or see the board. Regarding the transit time at Russia, If you have 1 hour and 20 mins walking between terminal D and F, is it ok? It will be ok if flight is not delay and you walk fast. It should take around 30 mins walk across these 2 terminals. In case of having long transit time, you can go sightseeing in downtown area. Please see my previous article.

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