8 Hours Layover in Moscow, Russia

This is my first time having long transit time about 8 hours in Moscow, Russia before went back to Thailand. Actually, I could either choose 5 hours or 8 hours transit time. The air ticket price of the longer transit time was more expensive than the another one. However, I still chose the the 8 hours transit because I would like to go sightseeing in downtown area. There are 3 airports in Moscow which are Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and Domodedovo and Vnukovo. I arrived Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport which has large and many terminal buildings. 

Free wi-fi is available at the airport but your mobile phone number is required for registration. It means that your phone must be already activated for roaming service. After choose wi-fi name, you can either call the number shown on the screen or press the button to let them call you back. I chose the 2nd option. Once they call you, just memorize the last 4 digit of phone number and filled up on your screen.

Firstly, check about transit visa. Fortunately, Thailand passport holders can enter Russia visa free for up to 30 days. After landing in Russia, pass passport control and the staff will give you a migration card. At first, I told the staff that I wanted to go to downtown area but they didn't understand so I told them that I wanted to go outside. That's it, they got it. You must keep this until when you come back to airport. To be safe, I took photo of migration card and kept in my mobile phone in case of dropping somewhere. 

I heard that there are long queue of passport control so after landing I walked quickly to passport control. Normally, the international flight is around Terminal D, F.  I spent about 40 minutes from landing until pass the passport control. So Lukcy! My luggage was check through to the destination country. 

I took the Aeroexpress (Terminal E) from Airport to downtown area. I bought the ticket at the ticket vending machine (also accept cash). You can also buy on website. This case, I will inform the detail travelling between Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and downtown. Timetable, click here.

One way ticket is 500 RUB and round trip is 850 RUB. The train departs every 30 minutes and duration is 35 minutes. I took Aeroexpresss from Airport to Belorussky Station and change to metro (green line). My destination are Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and Gum department store (ГУМ).

You should arrive Aeroexpress at least 10-15 minutes before departure time. You can also arrive prior 5 minutes but most of the seats are unavailable. Use QR code on ticket to enter the gate. If you come back from Belorussky Station to airport, QR Code will be used again when exit the gate at the airport's station. There is free wi-fi but your phone number is required for registration. The seat is comfortable and you can buy some snacks and drinks on the train. I bought a drinking water. There are 100 and 120 rubles. I thought the price was quite high but still bought it because I was not sure if it was easy to find it on the way. In fact, the drinking water at the airport is more expensive i.e. drinking water at the airport is 150 rubles or more. 

Arrived Belorussky Station, go to the green line (no.2) Belorussky Metro Station. You must exit the main gate first and turn right to metro station as the below photo.

Belorussky Station: Aeroexpress Website

Entered to the gate for metro line, then bought the ticket. You can buy the ticket on the vending machine or at the counter. I tried to insert the banknote at the vending machine but it always return my banknote so I bought the ticket at the counter instead. I bought 2 trips ticket which is 110 rubles. The price is flat rate. The information about the ticket price, click here. When enter the gate, just swipe the ticket. The shown number is the amount of left trip on your ticket.

Metro Map: Moscow Subway
Let me conclude about the transportation again.

Aeroexpress from airport -> Belorussky Station (Белорусская) -> Change to green metro line Belorussky Metro Station -> Teatralnaya Station (Театра́льная).

After swipe the ticket to metro station, take the long escalator down and follow the sign to green line no.2 (turn left). We went to Teatralnaya Station so please see the destination point to Alma-Atinskaya (Алма́-Ати́нская). It just only 3 stops. Once arrive Teatralnaya Station, the exit gate is no. 10.

Get off Teatralnaya Station, if you turn left you will see the Red Square and can walk to St. Basil's Cathedral. On that day, there was an event so I could not get close to Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral more than this so I went back to the station and turn right instead and walk through Gum Department Store until reach St. Basil's Cathedral.

Gum Department Store

I tried the ice cream (100 rubles) on the 1st floor. There are many kiosks and taste.

St. Basil's Cathedral

Panorama View

When go back to airport, after exit Aeroexpress you must pass X-ray your luggage and hand-carry luggage. I already got the boarding pass so no need to queue up at the check-in counter. Then, pass passport control again. Therefore, you can go sightseeing about 2 hours in Moscow. 

2 Hours Layover

The flight from Bangkok, I I had 2 hours and 20 minutes transit time. When I check-in at the counter, I got 2 boarding pass when I depart from Bangkok to other country and transit at Moscow. Actually I had 2 hours and 20 minutes transit time. Unfortunately, I got the message about the flight time changed. The flight took longer time from Bangkok to Moscow so I had 1 hour and 20 minutes transit time. Moreover once I arrived Moscow, I must wait for the shuttle bus take me from the aircraft to the terminal building so I had only 1 hour left walking from Terminal F to Terminal D. I saw the detail about the gate on the board, it mentioned that it took 32 minutes walking from Terminal F to the gate. Finally, I arrived the gate 20 minutes before departure time.


- Please always check the gate number and departure time (often change the gate).
- Walking between Terminal D and F, takes 30 minutes approximately. 
- Food and drinks at the airport are very expensive. Drinks starts from 150 rubles until 300-400 rubles. You should dine or have some meal before arrive airport.
- Security system is very strict, so many process (takes time).
- Waiting area at the gate has few seats so the passengers like to sit in the cafe or the restaurant.
- Souvenirs also sells in euro and the price varies depending on each shop.

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