Oslo Pass or 24 Hour Ticket? - Oslo, Norway

Travel in Oslo with Oslo Pass or 24 Hour Ticket is very convenient and save cost. These two tickets has similar and different points. Both of the tickets are used for travelling on public transport but Oslo Pass also includes free entry to museums and attractions. 

Oslo Pass (24 Hour) 24 Hour Ticket
Public Transport Bus, tram, underground, boat and local train with Ruter AS and NSB within zones 1 and 2 Bus, tram, metro, train and ferry (not the Bygd√ły ferry).
Ticket Price Adult: 395 NOK
Child: 210 NOK
Seniors: 315 NOK
Zone 1
Adult 105 NOK
Child/senior 53 NOK
Admission Fee to attractions Included Not Included
Sales Point Oslo Visitor Centre, Hotels / Hostels and etc.  Ruter's Customer Service Centre
 Narvesen and 7-Eleven shops
 Ticket machines at metro stations
 Mobile Application
Travel Between Airport and City Not Included Not Included

I did not enter to the museum so I bought only 24 hour ticket. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from activation. For example, I start using the ticket at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, the ticket is valid until 10:00 a.m. on Monday. The ticket can activate when boarding the bus / tram / underground. 

The below photo is ticket activator when boarding the tram. 

You may confuse about Travelcard. A travelcard is a plastic card you top up with tickets or pay-as-you-go credit. A new travelcard costs NOK 50. No need for travel card if you use for public transport only in zone1. The paper ticket as the above photo is enough.  

I purchase the 24 hours ticket at ticket vending machine. The machines are at the train station and accept only coins. However, you can purchase from other sales points. 

If you travel in major sightseeing places in Oslo, Ticket Zone 1 is enough. 

Zone Map
Zone Map: Ruter

Oslo Pass has 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours ticket.

Oslo Pass Website

24 hours: 395 NOK (≈ 42 EUR)
48 hours: 595 NOK (≈ 63 EUR)
72 hours: 745 NOK (≈ 79 EUR)

24 hours: 210 NOK (≈ 22 EUR)
48 hours: 295 NOK (≈ 31 EUR)
72 hours: 370 NOK (≈ 39 EUR)

24 hours: 315 NOK (≈ 33 EUR)
48 hours: 475 NOK (≈ 50 EUR)

72 hours: 595 NOK (≈ 63 EUR)

*Children: The Oslo Pass for children is valid for children from 4 to 15 years of age. 
Seniors: The Oslo Pass for seniors is valid for seniors from 67 years of age.

Ticket Prices for Oslo Zone 1

For more information, visit website or Ruter Website

Single ticket pre-bought  (free transfer/return within 1 hour)
Adult 35 NOK
Child/senior 18 NOK

Single ticket, bought from driver (free transfer/return within 1 hour)
Adult 55 NOK
Child/senior 28 NOK

24-hour ticket (flexible start time, non-personal ticket)
Adult 105 NOK
Child/senior 53 NOK
7-day ticket (flexible start date, non-personal ticket)
Adult 249 NOK
Child/youth/senior 125 NOK

30-day ticket (flexible start date, non-personal ticket)
Adult 736 NOK
Child/youth/senior 368 NOK
Student 442 NOK

365-day ticket (flexible start date, non-personal ticket)
Adult 7,360 NOK
Senior 3,680 NOK

Children = ages 4-15
Youth = ages 16-19
Student = Norwegian student card and semester card

Senior = ages 67+

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