Taipei Underground Shopping - Taipei, Taiwan

It rained every day during my visit at Taipei so underground shopping mall is really good. Although it is sunshine day, underground shopping in Taipei is also popular among tourists. This shopping malls is located around Taipei Main Station where is in downtown area. It is easy to access at Taipei Main Station by HSR, TRA, Bus and MRT. 

Access (Click for larger)

The two main shopping mall at Taipei Main Station are K Underground Mall (Purple Zone / K Zone) and Station Front Metro Mall (Pink Zone / Z Zone). The visitors who visit K Zone mostly are tourists and teenagers. 

The first time I visited underground shopping, I thought it looked like a maze and this is my second time, I still think the same as first time. Why? Taipei Main Station is a center of transportation in Taipei where you can take high speed train, commuter train, MRT and many restaurants, shops around this station.  

There is food court (BREEZE). Refer to below photo, take the escalator to the 2nd floor. You will see many restaurants and food court. I saw plenty of people every restaurants so I went back to the restaurants near the hotel. 

This is K Underground Mall which is large shopping area (larger than Station Front Metro Mall). The shop opening hours: 11:00-22:00 on weekends and 11:00-21:30 on weekdays. The K Underground Mall sells the products in reasonable price. The shops in this area selling a lot of game / anime figures, gashapon and souvenirs (keyrings, magnet and etc.).   

There are a lot of people at K Underground Mall especially during weekends. If you don't like crowd (like my parents), you can go to Station Front Metro Mall instead. You can go shopping at K Underground Mall or Station Front Metro Mall before going to airport. These malls are close to Taoyuan Airport MRT. It takes 40-50 minutes to airport.  

Back to Z Zone, there are various products such as clothes, shoes, snacks, souvenirs. Some exits connect to department store. Products' price are standard. After finish shopping at underground mall, you can go up and walk / take MRT to Ximending where is also shopping district similar to Shibuya in Japan.

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