(Review) Chance Hotel - Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung is where you can connect the bus to sightseeing in Nantou e.g. Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm and etc. Chance Hotel is not far from TRA Taichung Station and Nantou Bus Stop. Good Location! The room rate is cheap but very comfortable. The price already includes the breakfast. There are Family Mart and 7-11 near the hotel. You can also walk to nearby sightseeing place such as Miyahara, Zhongxiao Night Market, Shopping Mall.

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Get off TRA Taichung Station, Exit no. 2 or 3. Cross the road
Chance Hotel is close to Nantou Bus Stop (Same side). Walk to right side of bus stop. 
It takes 2 minutes walk from Taichung Station.

Travel between HSR Taichung Station and TRA Taichung Station, click here.

Nantou Bus Stop

This is hotel lobby. The staff can communicate the basic English. I ever asked the staff about the taxi fare between two cases. First case, if they call taxi for me, is there any additional charge?. Second one, taking the taxi near Taichung Station. I'm afraid that some taxi may do not have meter. They don't understand my English so I asked them to call taxi for me. In my opinion, there is no additional charge but when taxi stopped at the front of hotel, the taxi fare does not starts at NTD 70 (The taxi perhaps stops nearby and count the fare once the staff call them). Normally, the taxi fare starts from NTD 70. Therefore, you can ask staff to call taxi for you, it's convenient. You can pick up the map and candy at the reception desk.  

I booked the twin room. Check the room rate here. The room looks modern design and clean. Room size is standard. It's over my expectation because room rate is low but the facilities are enough and room is not narrow. 

There are some spaces for putting you luggage and walk.

I could see Taichung Station from my room. This is the old station. The new station is located behind the old one.

The hotel provides free drinking water, tea and coffee.


Shampoo and body wash near the shower. 
Some hotels provides the small bottles of them but here you need to press from the box.

Free toothbrush & toothpaste, razor.

Breakfast room is on 1st floor. Breakfast time is 6:30-9:30.
The breakfast is good, various food including the local food. There are plenty available seats.

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