Shopping around Chiba Station - Chiba, Japan

Chiba is not far from Tokyo and served by JR line, Keisei line and Urban Monorail line.
It seems that taking monorail is the most expensive cost among 3 train lines. Chiba Station also connects with shopping centre and has many restaurants around this area. This station is busy during the rush hour. 

I provide the map in order to see the overview around Chiba station. Keisei Chiba Station is close to JR Chiba Station.

From the above map, if get out at JR Chiba station, East exit, you will see shopping mall such as Aurora Mall Junnu, Sogo, Mitsukoshi Department Store and restaurants.
Mitsukoshi department store has supermarket on basement floor. This department store is located next to Yodobashi Camera (ヨドバシカメラ). Yodobashi is the big store, selling the electronic product such as camera, flashdrive, mobile, notebook and etc. By the way, please remember the Japanese letter (red background with white font) because the shop name is written in Japanese. It opens until 9 p.m.

Regarding to photo no.2 at the right side, I cannot remember the name of building. There is 100 yen shop (Daiso) and Paseos which sell the clothes in reasonable price. If you visit Paseos during end of season, there are a lot of discount. Matsumoto Kiyoshi which is the popular cosmetic store, is located the opposite side of 100 yen shop building.

From Matsumoto Kiyoshi, go straight and will see Parco shopping mall. There are Uniqlo and GU Shop. GU is Japaneses popular fashion brand and has he same owner with Uniqlo so the price of clothes is not expensive.

Additional information

If you visit Chiba, I recommend to try takind Chiba Urban Monorail which is the longest suspended monorail system in the world.  Fare starts from 200 yen for adult and 100 yen for child.

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