Namba and Shinsaibashi Shopping Street - Osaka, Japan

Apart from shopping in Tokyo, Osaka is another popular shopping and sightseeing place. Osaka has many well-known and delicious food such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Udon and etc. When tourists visit Osaka, should not miss visiting Namba and Shinsaibashi (Minami Area) where are the big and long shopping street. I also studied Japanese in Namba area so I often went there after school and on weekends.

Starts from Namba station which has more than 20 exit gates. If you confuse about subway Namba, Nankai Namba and JR Namba station, please click this linkThe Tourist Information NAMBA is located on the 1st floor of Nankai Namba Station. The office opens 9:00-20:00. You can ask for pamphlet / map / trip planning.

*Map from Osaka Info

Entrance / Exits (Subway Namba Station)

East of Mido-muscle / Seika Municipal Theater / Namba 3-Chome / Sennichimae line 2-Chome / City Bus Terminal
For top performing arts museum (wahha) / NAMBA lain / Namba parks / Namba 3-Chome / Namba sennichimae
For top performing arts museum (wahha) / NAMBA lain / Namba 3-Chome / Namba sennichimae
Nankai railway / Takashimaya Department store / Namba CITY / Namba parks / Namba 5-Chome / Nanba in 2-Chome / City Bus Terminal
Prefectural gymnasium / Namba 5-Chome / Namba in the 1-3-Chome
One building / Namba in 1-Chome / Ex-Cho 2-Chome
Namba in 1-Chome / Ex-Cho 1-Chome
Namba 4-Chome / City Bus Terminal
Cooked level / Namba 4-Chome
Mido muscles West / Namba Mido-muscle building / Maido Namba Stargate. / Namba 4-Chome
East of Mido-muscle /Former Seika elementary school / Namba 3-Chome /Sennichimae line 2-Chome
Mido muscles West / Namba 4-Chome
Mido muscles West / Namba Midosuji building / Namba 4-Chome
East of Mido-muscle / Dotonbori Street / Shinsaibashi-suji / Mizukake fudo (hozen-ji Temple) / Namba 1- / Dotonbori Street 1-Chome / Shinsaibashi-suji 2cho / Tsung right Mamoru Gate City / Higashi Shinsaibashi 2-Chome
Namba intersection Northeast / Ebisubashi-suji / Namba 1- / Sennichimae 1-
Namba COPP passage / Namba intersection Northeast / Namba ebisubashi-suji 1-Chome / Sennichimae 1-
Namba walk / Ebisubashi-suji / Sennichimae / Japan bridge /                Namba 1.3-Chome / Mastered before 1.2-Chome
Namba walk / Ebisubashi-suji / Dotonbori Street / Shinsaibashi-suji /Sennichimae /Japan bridge / 1-Chome Nada / Sennichimae 1-
Namba intersection Southeast /                Ebisubashi-suji / Sennichimae / Namba 3-Chome / Sennichimae line 2-Chome
East of Mido-muscle /    Ebisubashi-suji /Sennichimae / Namba 3-Chome /Sennichimae line 2-Chome
East of Mido-muscle /Ebisubashi-suji /Sennichimae / Namba 3-Chome /Sennichimae line 2-Chome
Namba crossing Southwest /      Kintetsu Namba building / Namba 4-Chome
Namba walk
Namba walk
Namba intersection Northwest / Mido muscles GRANDVILLE /  Halowerkplaza Namba / Namba 2-Chome /Osaka mothershlowerk
Mido muscles West /Dotonbori Street / Consulate General of Republic of Korea / Namba 2-Chome /Dotonbori 2-Chome / Nishi Shinsaibashi 2-Chome

 Ref: Osaka Metro

If you would like to leave your luggage, here is the location and price of the coin lockers.

Map: How to Enjoy Osaka
Map: How to Enjoy Osaka

Namba and Shinsaibashi Area Map (click at photo for larger)

*Map from Osaka Info

Namba Marui (OIOI) is opposite side of Takashimaya. Uniqlo is on 7st floor. 
When you see Namba Marui in front of you, cross the road and Ebisubashi-suji shopping street is next to Namba Marui. This shopping street has restaurants and many cosmetic shops. 

Sennichimae Doguyasuji (Sennichimae) which sells cooking utensils, is parallel with Ebisubashi-suji. 

There are many shops along both side of Ebisubashi-suji shopping street. Just go straight and when see crosswalk. Cross the road, continue to Ebisubashi-suji shopping street

Take the first on the right, you will see Daiso (100 Yen shop).
Back to the first junction, keep going (go straight). Finally, arrive Dotonburi where has big Glico sign on the left side. If you take photo at night, your face may look dark but Glico sign will be bright instead.

Dotonburi Canal near Glico sign. There are shops and restaurant near the canal. You can also walk to Don Quijote.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi which is the large shop sells cosmetic in the cheap price. Turn right at this corner and go straight. Don Quijote is on the right hand side. Don Quijote or Donki is discount store and has many branches in Japan, sells many kind of things such as snack, cosmetic, bags, dolls, medicine and etc. This branch opens 24 hours. 

Back to Matsumoto Kiyoshi, keep going straight and will enter to Shinsaibashi shopping street. Mostly the shops around Shinsaibashi area will be brand name. There is Daimaru Department store and big Daiso shops. Uniqlo at the corner is near Daimaru. 

Underground passage

Namba Walk is underground shopping from subway Namba station to Nippombashi station. 
It is long shopping passage and connect to the basement floor of department stores.
Some department stores have supermarket on this floor too. Moreover, there are cafe, souvenir shops, cosmetic stores, clothes and etc. You can also buy bento with reasonable price. I like Namba Walk because it is easy to walk, not crowded like the passage on 1st floor, has various kind of products, bakery is delicious and can buy bento for dinner.
If you would like to buy cosmetic and medicine, I would recomment Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Sundrug.  

Crystal Nagahori

Another shopping street starts from Shinsaibashi station (Midosuji line) to Nagahoribashi station. At Shinsaibashi station connect with Daimairu Department stores. There are restaurants, clothes and some cosmetic shops. The signs to this shopping street are written "Crysta" as the above photo. 

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