One Day Trip in Kaohsiung (Part1), Taiwan

If you have ever travelled to Taipei, Taichung before, I would like to recommend Kaohsiung where has many attractions as well. It is convenient to travel in Kaohsiung by MRT, LRT and bus. 

Itinerary (Part 1)

- Cijin Island

Access: MRT to Sizihwan Station -> Gushan Ferry Pier

- Dome of Light

Access: MRT Formosa Boulevard Station

The Pier-2 Art Center

Access: LRT Penglai Pier-2 Station

- Shopping at Carrefour Chenggong Store

Access: Software Technology Park Station

Liouhe Tourist Night Market

Access: MRT Formosa Boulevard Station, Exit 11

In the morning before going to Cijin Island, I went to 7-Eleven convenience store near hotel buying Easycard for my family. I bought one easy card since my provious trip in Taipei. There were many cute easy card and the price were not the same. Normally, easy card is NTD 100 and I chose Sailor Moon and Doraemon easy card were NT$ 120 each. After that I walked to MRT Formosa Boulevard. I must add value to easy card at the machine. I added NT$ 500. The machine does not have changes. You can check the value at the machine as well. 

Here was the one of attractions in Kaohsiung, Dome of Light.

Going to Cijin Island, took MRT to Sizihwan Station, exit no.1. Turn left and go straight, then turn right and go straight, you will see Gushan Ferry Pier. 

Go to the left side (follow red arrow), there is walkway to pier. Near the taxi stop is the entrance of motorcycle to pier and the exit of passengers who come from Cijin Island.

Fare: Adult NT$ 30 per trip. 

If you have iCash, Easy Card NT$ 20 per trip. 

Ferry Timetable 


06:20-08:30 ->  departs every 5-7 minutes

08:30-09:50 ->  departs every 7-10 minutes

09:50-16:10 ->  departs every 10-15 minutes

16:10-20:00 ->  departs every 7-10 minutes

20:00-23:55 ->  departs every 10-15 minutes


06:00-08:20  ->  departs every 10-15 minutes

08:20-12:20  ->  departs every 7-10 minutes

12:20-19:40  ->  departs every 5-7 minutes

19:40-21:00  ->  departs every 7-10 minutes

21:00-23:55  ->  departs every 10-15 minutes

Went to the 2nd floor. It took about 10 minutes to Cijin Island.

Cijin Island Map

Map:Kaohsiung Travel

You can rent a bike to visit attractions. I did not rent a bike, I walked around there. If you would like to visit all attractios, I recommend to rent a bike because some attractions are far from pier and the weather is hot. You can also try seafood here.

Attractions: Cijin Tunnel of Stars, Cijin Rainbow Arch, Cijin Shell Gallery, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach

I went back to Gushan Ferry Pier and walked to Hamasen Station (LRT) (next to Sizihwan Station, exit no.2). Take LRT to Penglai Pier-2 Station (C13). You can use easy card for taking LRT. Before boarding or get off LRT, you must press the button to open the door train.

There are many interesting photo spots around here. I went there in the evening to avoid the hot weather. 

Attractions: KW2, The Pier-2 Art Center, Great Harbor Bridge, Love Pier, Kaohsiung Music Center

Map:Kaohsiung Travel

The Pier-2 Art Center

At the time, 112 Miffy Creative Show was held at P3 Warehouse. Miffy in different costumes were displayed and the miffy products were sold here as well. No entrance fee. There are many spots for photoshooting but I did not visit all attractions. 

Next, it's time for shopping. I went to Carrefour Chenggong Store. Taking LRT to Software Technology Park Station (C7). 

Carrefour Chenggong Store is located next to IKEA. Restaurants and cafe are on the 1st floor. Grocery products, apparels products and etc. are on the 2nd and 3rd floor. FYI, If you purchase selected goods eligible for tax refund at one single authorized store on the same day, with a total amount of NT$2,000 (VAT included) or more, and carry the goods out of Taiwan within 90 days, are eligible to apply for a tax refund before departure. 

You can buy souvenirs in reasonable price at Carrefour. Taiwan Tea is very cheap. If you are looking for milk tea, I recommend Lipton Milk Tea as below photo (last photo). Mr. Brown milk tea is ok but I prefer Lipton milk tea.

Going back to hotel, I took the bus instead of MRT or LRT because it was faster, more convenient and especially cheap fare. Bus fare (bus no. 205) from Zhonghua Fuxing Rd. Intersection bus stop (Opposite of Carrefour) to hotel (Qixian 2nd Rd. bus stop) was NT$12. Then, walked 300 m. You can pay the bus fare by easy card. You can look for the bus timetable from Google map or at the bus stop but the bus is not always on time.

Liouhe Tourist Night Market is the popular night market in Kaohsiung. The shops open from 17:00. It its easy to access by MRT. Get off at Formosa Boulecard Station, exit no.11. This night market is not far from hotel where I stayed. There are Watson and Cosmed too.

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