Flying from Bangkok (Thailand) to Taiwan by Thai Airways

There are many airlines flying from Thailand to Taiwan. Full service airlines are EVA Air, China Airlines, Thai Airways, Starlux Airline. This time, I chose Thai Airways. The original ticket price was 12,765 Baht per person (normally, the ticket fare of full service airlines to Taiwan should be around 9,000-10,000 Baht) and I got some discount from my credit card. The price was a little bit high because I travelled during Thailand public holiday. The baggage allowance is 30 kgs. 

My original itinerary was as follows:

14:20-19:00 Bangkok - Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

14:05-16:50 Taoyuan International Airport - Bangkok

Two weeks later after buying a ticket, I received an email regarding itinerary changed. My flight from Bangkok to Taipei was changed to 8:25-13:05. Actually, there were 2 flight of Thai Airways to Taipei but my flight was cancelled and automatically changed to earlier flight instead. That means I must arrive Suvarnabhumi airport 5:25 in the morning. The morning flight ticket was more expensive that aftermoon flight. It was ok because I had more free time.

I did online check-in one day before departure date. I arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport, I printed boarding pass at kiosk and dropped the baggage at the counter. It was convenient. I spent time at this point less than half an hour. 

After passing the passport control, I went to Boots shop (health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom) buying drinking water (10 bahts per bottle). Then, heading to Miracle Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It opens 24 hours. I used the priviledge of credit card entering the lounge for free but you must flying with Thai Airways.

These are some photo of Miracle Lounge.

It's time to fly.

My height is 167 cms.

Meal (Bangkok - Taipei)

Meal (Taipei - Bangkok)

Before landing at Taoyuan International Airport, flight attendant gave passengers another bottle drinking water. Great! No problem flying with Thai Aiways except my flight was changed. Departure time was a little bit late than schedule by arrival time only 10-15 minutes late. It was acceptable. However, you cannot do in-town check-in for flying back to Bangkok.

Airline companies providing In-Town Check-in Service e.g. China Airlines, EVA Air, STARLUX Airlines.

For more information about In-Town Check-in Service, click here.

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