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IC Cards (Suica, Pasmo, Icoca and etc.) are rechargeable cards that you can use for goods payment, pay fares on public transportation by touching card on reader. 

“Touch to Ekinaka” is new IC admission service of JR East which will be valid from 13th March 2021. This service allows you to enter and exit through automatic gate at the same station within 2 hours. For example, you want to buy some goods or have lunch at the restaurant inside the station, you just use IC Card and pay some fee.   

Ekinaka Image: JR East Website, Translated by Bluemoon 

How to use

Touch your IC card at the automatic ticket gate to enter and exit. If the conditions for using this service are matched, the service will be applied automatically at the automatic ticket gate.

Service Locations

Inside the ticket gates of stations in the JR East Suica area (Metropolitan area, Sendai area, Niigata area)

*This service can only be used with conventional line automatic ticket gates.

This service cannot be used with simple ticket gates.

* This service cannot be used at Shinkansen ticket gates.

* Some stations and corners are not covered, such as transfer ticket gates for private railways and subways.

* Click here for the JR East Suica area

The admission ticket fee "Touch to Ekinaka" are as follows:

・ Station on specific train section 140 yen

・ Other stations 150 yen

Ekinaka Area Image: JR East Website

Transportation IC card that allows you to use the IC admission service "Touch to Ekinaka":

Suica, PASMO, Kitaca, TOICA、manaca, ICOCA, PiTaPa, nimoca, SUGOCA, Hayakaken

* You can also use it with Mobile Suica and Apple Pay Suica.

It also includes Suica issued by other companies' apps and PASMO for mobile services.

* You can also use icsca in the Sendai area.

Reference: JR East

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