One Day Trip from Bangkok to Pattaya (Part 2) - Nongnooch Garden, Thailand

Regarding my previous post about one day trip from Bangkok to Pattaya, let's continue the second part. My destination was Nongnooch Garden.

What is Nongnooch Garden?

Nongnooch Garden is located between Pattaya and Sattahip. It is botanical garden and offers Thai cultural show and elephant show in theater. Nongnooch Garden has area over 1,700 rai.


Nongnooch Station.
It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by express train from Hua Mak Station. Please see the transportation detail.

For your information, before arriving Nongnooch Garden I passed Pattaya Floating Market. This photo was taken from train. The entrance to Pattaya Floating Market is close to train station.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes passed, I arrived Nongnooch station. A bus from Nongnooch Garden was waiting for us. You can take this bus to the entrance of garden without additional charge and reservation. This bus picked up only the passengers traveled by Railway Thailand. The staff asked us if we wanted to come back with them to this station in the afternoon by their bus so I was the one who raised my hand. Most of passengers preferred to come back with them. The staff gave the garden's map with staff's contact number. If you change your mind not come back with this bus or have any questions, you can contact them by phone number.

On the way, there are giant fruit models on the left side in front of the shop which is near 7-11 convenience store. The bus passed the shop but not made a stop so I asked what the shop is. She said that it was fruit buffet, only reservation group (foreigners only).

After get off the bus, the staff asked us if we wanted to buy ticket at the counter.  Then, the staff leaded us to the meeting point and confirm to meet at corn photo spot at 3:20 pm. The bus would wait for us until 3:30 pm because the train would arrive Nongnooch Station at 4:00 p.m. The meeting point was inside the garden. The staff leaded us to meeting point before traveled by your own plan.

Advance admission ticket, click here. The ticket has various types; ticket only (around 300 Baht) / Ticket + Show / Ticket + Show + Buffet Lunch / Ticket + Show + Transfer / Ticket + Show + Lunch + Transfer.

Nongnooch Garden Map

Map: Nongnooch Garden Website

The meeting point is close to foodcourt with plenty of available seats and reasonable price. The average price for a dish is 50 Baht. For example, Roasted pork on rice with soup.
Exchange coupon at the counter first. In my opinion, drinks price here is cheaper than other areas in the garden. Milk tea, lemon tea is 35 Baht per cup. Drinking water (bottle) is 20 Baht. If you go to other food court or coffee shop in this garden, drinks price is as follows: EST Cola is 30 Baht / can (normally not exceed 15 Baht), Oishi Green tea (bottle) is 40 Baht (normally is 20 Baht) and drinking water is 20 Baht (same as the first foodcourt).

I walked around Heart-shaped garden and Italian garden.  They are indoor gardens and has the sky garden which is newly open.

Cactus Garden

Feeding elephant with banana 50 baht.

Butterfly Hill (่just the name, no real butterfly) is near foodcourt.

Next, I took the sightseeing bus to look around Nongnooch Garden. This bus took me to Dinosaur Valley. 

Ticket price for sightseeing bus
Adult 150 Baht (foreigners)
Adult 80 Baht (Thai)
One way fare (back from Dinosaur Valley to bus station (near foodcourt) 40 Baht

There is no bus timetable because if the seats are full, the bus will depart. The chauffeur introduced the history of garden and explained about each attractions (in Thai). I'm not sure there is English version or not. The bus dropped the tourists only one point which is the cafe near Dinosaur Valley. You can buy souvenirs on the first floor, eat some snacks on the 2nd floor or take photo as much as you like. You can take any bus back to bus station near foodcourt. Don't forget to keep your ticket. The drop-off and getting on the bus are different. I will point you the way.

Drop off point

View on 2nd floor. It was cactus garden with Dinosaurs. 

On the 2nd floor of the cafe is connect with skywalk and lead me to Dinosaur Valley and French Garden. I had a short break at cafe before walking to Dinosaur Valley.

Finally, arrived Dinosaur Valley. Dinosaurs have a lot species but cannot move. This area was quite hot so please prepare a cap, sunglasses and / or umbrella.

On the way to French Garden, there is another foodcourt on 2nd floor. The first floor is cafe and souvenirs zone. The bus stop is in front of cafe. You can take any bus from here to foodcourt / elephant riding point. Use the the old ticket which buy from the first point. If you have not bought ticket yet, you can buy it here.    

Next point was French Garden. The most beautiful area of Nongnooch Gaden (in my point of view).

After took bus back to Butterfly Hill, I still had some times so just looked around the garden. 

I went to meeting point and the bus left at 3:30 pm. (on time) to train station so please be on time. 

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