One Day Trip from Bangkok to Pattaya (Part 1), Thailand

Pattaya is one of my favorite sightseeing place in Thailand. There are many attractions and always hold the big festival or event here. Normally, I drive from Bangkok and stay at least one night at Pattaya before going back to Bangkok. Therefore, this is the first time I visited Pattaya by train especially for one day trip.

Trains from Bangkok to Pattaya have 2 types which are the regular and express train. The regular train runs on weekdays and express train is for weekends. The express train is special train. The program had been launched since March 2018 and was trial during the first period. Now, this special train (express train) is still available and is an air-conditioned train while the regular train is normal train. The express train has only one train leaving to Pattaya and another one returning to Bangkok.

Fare Chart: Railway Thailand

Fare Chart Between Bangkok and Pattaya (Express Train)

Fare from Bangkok to Pattaya is 170 Baht (one way) and 340 Baht (roundtrip).
Fare Chart: Railway Thailand

Train Timetable (Bangkok to Ban Plu Ta Luang) Train no. 997

Train Timetable (Ban Plu Ta Luang to Bangkok) Train no. 998

You can choose the departure point and returning point, no need to depart from Bangkok Station (Hualumpong) and can return from / to different point. I departed from Hua Mak Station to Nong Nooch Garden. You may return from Pattaya Floating to Bangkok Station. For your information, SRT Hua Mak Station is not Airport Link Hua Mak Station. You can reach to SRT Hua Mak Station from Airport Link by crossing the road and short walk.

Check the above timetable and reserve the ticket in advance. The maximum advance ticketing is 60 days before the departure date.

How to purchase the ticket?
1. By calling the call center SRT Hotline number 1690.
The staff will check the available seat.
In the case, please prepare ID Card / Passport, Name and contact number. After the staff reserve the ticket, you must get the ticket at ticket counter at train station.

2. At the ticket counter.
I bought the ticket at the counter at Hualumpong Station (Bangkok Station). You can select other train stations. Hualumpong Station can be accessed by MRT Hualumpong Station (Blue Line), exit no.1. After you get off the exit gate, take the escalator up then turn right. The ticket counter is on your left side.

The ticket of this special train cannot be purchased through online.

Bangkok Station
You can ask call center 1690 for more information but in my idea contacting the staff via phone / at counter at Bangkok Station is better than the call center. 

Once you receive the ticket, please check the detail on your ticket. The ticket indicate the departure point, destination point, car and seat number. Seat reservation is a must.

My review is departing from Hua Mak Station and my destination is Nongnooch Garden.
Go to Platform no.3 (on the right side of photo). If the train is going to approach, the staff will announce (in Thai). I'm not sure that Bangkok Station or other station will have an English announcement or not. The train may be arrive on time or delay. You can check the train status here. Sometimes the website is very slow so please be patient. If you are not sure, check the train status with staff.

This express train has only 3 cars. Please look at the sign which shows the train route (Bangkok - Ban Plu Ta Luang). The number on the left side is car number. Please prepare your ticket before boarding. After have a seat, the ticket checker will check your ticket again.

There is overhead compartment and big luggage can be stored at the front of each car (near the toilet). The toilet is available every cars. The staff will announce when arrive each station. Mostly, people get off at Chacheongsao and Pattaya Station. 

The space between seat.

Part 2, coming soon

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