One Day Trip in Aomori - Japan (Part 2)

Hachinohe is city in Aomori Prefecture, facing Pacific Ocean. I did not visit Hirosaki Castle because it is not on the way back to the hotel. That's why I chose Hachinohe instead. The major attractions of Hachinohe are Hasshoku Center, Hachinohe Portal Museum ‘Hacchi’, Miroku-Yokocho and etc. Aomori really has a lot of attractions. Actually, My plan was visiting Hasshoku Center and the city center. Due to my time and the bad weather, I visited only Hasshoku Center, cut some program in my list  and went back to hotel. I also provide some support information for public transportation. Hope it will be useful for you.

Access to Hachinohe

- From Aomori to Hachinohe Station
Take JR OU Line from Aomori Station to Shin-Aomori Station, take shinkansen Hayabusa to Hachinohe Station (35-60 minutes due to connecting time).

- From Tokyo / Sendai / Morioka to Hachinohe Station
Take Shinkansen Hayabusa 

Hachinohe Station to Hasshoku Center

Get off at Hachinohe Station, East Exit. Take the escalator down and turn right. You will see the building as below photo. Go to bus stop no.4 (in front of the building / yellow arrow).

Bus Stops

Map: Public Transport of Hachinohe

No.1 - To City Center (via Nejo Ohashi) / To City Center (via Tamonoki)
No.2 - To City Center (via Naiminato)
No.3 - Bound for Nishi High School
No.4 - Bound for Hasshoku Center
           Bound for Korekawa Jomon Museum
           Bound for St.Ursula Gakuin / Hachinohe New Town
No.5 - Bound for Towada City
           Bound for Gonohe
           Bound for Karumai
           Highway Express Bus

The bus fare is 100 yen for adult and child for half price. It is flat rate. Pay when you get off. he entrance door is middle and exit is front door. No numbered ticket is required. Hasshoku Center is terminal station. It takes about 11 minutes.

Hachinohe Station - Hasshoku Center Bus Timetable (as of March 2019)

Hasshoku Center is the place where a lot of shop sells fresh food including seafood, vegetable, souvenirs, local food, snack and etc. 

Opening Hours:

Market Building 9:00 - 18:00
Aji Yokocho 9:00 - 18:30 
Kuriya Stadium 9:00 - 21:00

Hours differ August 11-16 and December 30-31

Eating Zone where you can grill your fresh seafood.
Outside the eating zone, there are some restaurants.

If you don't want to grill seafood or go to restaurants, you can buy some snacks such as soft cream, drinks and sit in the provided areas. Apart from food, there are other stuffs. 

Regarding the souvenirs, there are various types more than at Aomori Station and the price is nice. If you miss buying souvenir at Aomori Station, you can still buy them here. 

Going back to Hachinohe Station, go the bus stop where you get off.
If you want to go to Hachiohe City Center, please take 200 yen bus (Nanbu Bus). It takes 20 minutes. 

From this below part, I did not visit city center but I already searched for the information. Therefore, hope it will be useful for you.

Hasshoku Center - Hachinohe City Center Bus Timetable (as of March 2019)

Fare 150-200 yen. You can get off at Jusannichi-machi or terminal station.

The attractions in downtown area are Hachinohe Portal Museum, Miroku Yokocho and etc. Click here to see detail of each place. The events or annual festivals are also held in downtown area. 

Travel between City Center and Hachinohe Station (Choose no.1 or 2)

1. Take bus 300 yen (25 minutes)
2. Walk or take bus to Hon-Hachinohe Station (15 minutes, 1 km.), take JR line to Hachinohe Station. 

Hachinohe Bus Route

Bus Route: Public Transport of Hachinohe

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