Japan Autumn Foliage Forecast 2021

The latest update of Japan Autumn Foliage Forecast 2021 was released on 4th October 2021. JMC (Japan Meteorological Corporation) announced estimate best viewing dates of red leaves (Maple trees) and yellow leaves (Ginkgo trees) but I provide the information of red leaves only.

Location Autumn Foliage Forecast Early / Normal/ Late
Sapporo 4 Nov Late
Asahikawa 20 Oct Normal
Obihiro 17 Oct Normal
Kushiro 9 Oct Early
Muroran 7 Nov Normal
Hakodate 4 Nov Normal
Sendai 23 Nov Normal
Aomori 11 Nov Normal
Morioka 16 Nov Normal
Akita 16 Nov Normal
Yamagata 25 Nov Normal
Fukushima 21 Nov Normal
Kanto / Koshin
Tokyo 27 Nov Normal
Mito 21 Nov Normal
Utsunomiya 26 Nov Normal
Maebashi 10 Dec Normal
Kumagaya 3 Dec Normal
Choshi 11 Dec Normal
Yokohama 15 Dec Normal
Kofu 1 Dec Normal
Nagano 20 Nov Late
Tokai / Hokuriku
Nagoya 1 Dec Normal
Shizuoka 3 Dec Normal
Gifu 28 Nov Normal
Niigata 18 Nov Normal
Toyama 29 Nov Normal
Kanazawa 27 Nov Normal
Fukui 3 Dec Normal
Kyoto 8 Dec Normal
Osaka 1 Dec Normal
Kobe 30 Nov Normal
Nara 26 Nov Normal
Wakayama 10 Dec Normal
Tottori 6 Dec Normal
Matsue 25 Nov Normal
Okayama 26 Nov Normal
Hiroshima 26 Nov Normal
Tokushima 28 Nov Normal
Takamatsu 28 Nov Normal
Matsuyama 8 Dec Normal
Kochi 6 Dec Normal
Fukuoka 8 Dec Late
Saga 3 Dec Normal
Nagasaki 12 Dec Normal
Kumamoto 4 Dec Normal
Oita 29 Nov Normal
Kagoshima 13 Dec Normal

Ref: Japan Meteorological Corporation

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