(Review) Toyoko Inn Sendai Higashi-guchi No.1 - Miyagi, Japan

Sendai has many hotels or accommodations near train station and shopping centre. Normally, the rooms rate on weekends is higher than the weekdays. Therefore, I chose Toyoko Inn Hotel Sendai Higashi-guchi No.1 because of the location and price. Please make sure that you book the right one. There are 2 buildings; No.1 and No.2. They are in the same area. Some of you may heard about Toyoko Inn Hotels which are the business hotel and have many branches in Japan with reasonable price. Toyoko Inn always include the breakfast but differ by each branch. 


Sendai Station, East Exit. 

Map: Toyoko Inn Hotel Website

Get off the station, follow the way to BiVi on the left side. Cross the road and you will see Lawson and 7-Eleven at the corner. 

Keep going straight until see the park. Turn left and go straight.

I booked the room on hotel's website directly and got the discount 300 yen off.
Toyoko Inn Hotel Website

You can register on website as guest with free of charge. The payment can be paid by credit card or pay upon arrival. If you often stay in Toyoko Inn Hotels, you may register as member and pay the admission fee for 1,500 yen (adult) and 1,000 yen (student). You will get the privileges such as early check-in, get the discount and etc.

This is the entrance. Drinks vending machine sells drinks cheaper than other machines (on the way to hotel).

I booked a twin room, non-smoking. The room rate did not exceed 10,000 yen. Room size is not big (as Japanese's standard). You can keep your luggage under the beds but I left my luggage near the door and desk. 

Beds were comfortable and had enough amenities. The staff gave a set of amenities of DHC in small packs, consists of facial cleanser, cleansing oil and lotion. You can take them to your home or use here. In the bathroom still has face wash, shampoo and soap. Beware of the ceiling if you are tall.

Free wifi password is on TV.

There is no wardrobe but has clothes hangers. 

Free teas.

Cannot take slippers to your home, only use in the room. 

Breakfast starts at 6:30 a.m. on the first floor near lobby. After finish your meal, bring your dishes and tray to the provided area.

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