(Review) Hommiku Hostel - Guesthouse - Pärnu, Estonia

Hommiku Guesthouse has good location, only 5 minutes walk from Pärnu Bus Station (Pärnu Bussijaam). It is the main reason I chose this guesthouse. You can check-in until 6 pm. In case of late arrival, inform the staff in advance. After you book the room, the staff at guesthouse will ask you about your arrival time, you can reply them or put the remark in your booking confirmation.


5 minutes walk from bus station

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If you come from the bus station, guesthouse is on your right side.

The pathway connecting between two buildings.

I booked the room via Booking.com and paid upon arrival or you can book directly on hotel's website. The payment can be made by credit card, no need to use pin code. Price varies by season. You can check estimate pricing hereThe reception is on the 2nd floor. There is no elevator, stairs only. 

My room was Two-Bedroom Apartment on the 2nd floor as no triple room. Of course, I must use stairs taking my luggage to the room by myself so a little bit tired. Key room is normal key, not the key card so sometimes it was difficult to unlock the doors. 

These are 2 twin rooms with connecting door. There is 1 shared bathroom are between 2 rooms. Floor at bathroom was warm so good for winter. You can adjust the temperature. Soap and towel are on the bed. The size of bathroom is average.

Let's see the first room. This room is a little bit smaller than the another room. 

The guesthouse does not offer the breakfast but provides mini kitchen (both rooms). Each room has its own kitchen. The spoons, forks, knife, pot, pan, bowls, kettle are ready for cooking so I bought the ingredients from the COOP Supermarket and cooked for dinner and breakfast. This town is quite calm and the shops close early comparing to other towns.

I bought spaghetti and  instant soup in a pack (just add water) and cooked it. That's my idea for dinner. And I also bought fruit juice. You may have bread with jam, salad or cereal for your meal.

After finish your meal, you must clean your dishes. The guesthouse also provides sponge and dishwashing liquid. 

The second room seems have more space but this room was quite cold than the first room even switched on the heater. You can see city view from the room. The kettle in this room is not clean so please check before boiling the water. If you are not sure, you can use pot to boil water instead. 

One thing I would like to remind you. A.P.T.E.K is short walk from the guesthouse. I did not know it was a bar at first. It opens until 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. so during this period, it's noisy.  People dance in front of the bar and the music was loud although I close the window. If you love the party or nightlife, it will be ok for you.

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