Things to do at Haneda Airport, Japan

Haneda Airport or Tokyo International Airport is close to Tokyo Station than Narita International Airport. Mostly, Haneda Airport handles the domestic flights. There are 2 domestic terminals and 1 international terminal. Recently, Haneda Airport received the 5-Star Airport Ranking for the fifth consecutive year. 

From March 2020, international flights at Haneda Airport will operate from parts of Terminal 2 as well as from the current International Terminal. The international terminal will be renamed to become Terminal 3. 

If you are layover or have enough time before departure time, there are somethings you can do at Haneda Airport. I will focus the international terminal. These activities you can do it before pass the immigration.


The popular stores i.e. BIC Camera, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Donki (SORADONKI), character shop are available at the airport. Matsumoto Kiyoshi is on the 3rd floor (departure lobby) near Keikyu line. Edo Market is on the 4th floor. The shops sell traditional products and the souvenirs.

Tokyo Pop Town on the 5th floor, you can take either the escalator or elevator from departure lobby. 

SORADONKI or Donki (the discount store) and characters store are on this floor. SORA DONKI is small store but has 2 sides.

Flight Simulators on TIAT Sky Road, 5th floor.

On the way to flight simulators, you will see the displayed mini various airlines. This zone connects to Tokyo Pop Town.

The flight simulators are on the right side. The charge is 200 yen (if I'm right). I did not try it but I saw a child was trying it. If you don't have exact coins, you can use change machine on the right side. The door on below photo leads you to observation deck but when I was there, this door was temporary unavailable so I used the next door. 

Observation Deck

Short walk from the previous door, I arrived observation deck. It's windy here so please take care. There is no charge in this zone. It opens 24 hours except the bad weather or the security reason.

Photo Spots

There are many interesting photo spots at Haneda Airport. I saw this bridge "Nihonbashi Bridge from the departure lobby when I arrived the airport. The wall is decorated with the Edo period screen. 

I'm not sure that the flowers will be changed due to season or not. On that day, there are 2-3 sunflowers photo spots. 

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