(4th Update) Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast 2021 - Japan

Sakura Forecast year 2021 is available. The information is based on Sakura Weather Map and update on 18th March 2021. I will keep you updated.

Kanto/Koshin Tokai/Hokuriku
Cities First bloom Full Bloom Cities First bloom Full Bloom
Mito 21-Mar 28-Mar Shizuoka 20-Mar 29-Mar
Utsunomiya 21-Mar 27-Mar Nagoya 17-Mar 27-Mar
Maebashi 21-Mar 27-Mar Gifu 16-Mar 25-Apr
Kumagaya 19-Mar 25-Mar Tsu 20-Mar 26-Mar
Tokyo 14-Mar 23-Mar Niigata 31-Mar 04-Apr
Choshi 23-Mar 29-Mar Toyama 27-Apr 30-Mar
Yokohama 17-Mar 25-Apr Kanazawa 26-Mar 30-Mar
Nagano 31-Mar 04-Apr Fukui 24-Mar 29-Mar
Kofu 18-Mar 27-Mar

Tohoku Kinki
Cities First bloom Full Bloom Cities First bloom Full Bloom
Aomori 16-Apr 21-Apr Hikone 24-Mar 31-Mar
Akita 08-Apr 14-Apr Kyoto 16-Mar 24-Mar
Morioka 11-Apr 16-Apr Osaka 19-Mar 28-Mar
Sendai 29-Mar 02-Apr Kobe 21-Mar 29-Mar
Yamagata 05-Apr 10-Apr Nara 20-Mar 27-Mar
Fukushima 28-Mar 31-Mar Wakayama 18-Mar 27-Mar

Chugoku/Shikoku Kyushu
Cities First bloom Full Bloom Cities First bloom Full Bloom
Okayama 21-Mar 27-Mar Fukuoka 12-Mar 22-Mar
Hiroshima 11-Mar 22-Mar Oita 18-Mar 30-Mar
Matsue 14-Mar 23-Mar Nagasaki 14-Mar 24-Mar
Tottori 19-Mar 27-Mar Saga 17-Mar 25-Mar
Shimonoseki 16-Mar 25-Mar Kumamoto 17-Mar 27-Mar
Tokushima 22-Mar 29-Mar Miyazaki 16-Mar 27-Mar
Matsuyama 15-Mar 24-Mar Kagoshima 17-Mar 28-Apr
Kochi 15-Mar 25-Mar
Takamatsu 15-Mar 22-Mar
Cities First bloom Full Bloom
Sapporo 27-Apr 30-Apr
Kushiro 12-May 14-May
Muroran 01-May 06-May
Hakodate 24-Apr 29-Apr
Wakkanai 08-May 11-May
Asahikawa 29-Apr 02-May
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