(Review) Nissin Namba Inn Hotel - Osaka, Japan

Nissin Namba Inn is a budget hotel, located near Namba Area. I chose this hotel because of the location and the reasonable price. I used to lived at apartment in Daikokucho which is not far from this hotel so it is easy to go to this hotel.

I booked a single room. Size of the room is large, comparing with the standard room in Japan. The check-in time is 13:00-23:59 and the check out time is 06:00-12:00. The check-in time is earlier than other hotel. The price includes the breakfast (bread).  

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Subway Daikokucho Station, Exit 2.

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The exit no. 2 is closest to hotel but if you have the luggage, please use the exit no. 6 (Lawson). You can also walk to Namba and even Den Den Town

After get off the station, turn left. Go straight (400-500 m.) until you see Family Mart at the corner, then turn left. Hotel is on the left side. Hokka Hokka Tei (bento take-out chain) is opposite to the hotel.

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The Front of Hotel

I arrived hotel almost 2 p.m. Once I entered the room, it's cool because of the air conditioner but it made me fresh. I took photo with panorama mode so you can see the space in the room. 

Mini Kitchen (I love it). There is microwave so you can heat up the food. Free tea is in the cupboard (over the microwave).

Desk; Digital TV, Hair Dryer, Kettle.

Bathroom is small as Japanese standard. There are body soap, shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, razor, cotton bud, body sponge, hand soap. 

After I put my luggage in the room, I had lunch at Hokka Hokka Tei (opposite to hotel) which is bento take out franchise with cheap price. Some dishes start the price at 400-500 yen.

Inside the shop. 
If you cannot read menu in Japanese, just point at menu that you want. Some dishes are in set menu. Then, wait for the food and take home. It's for take home only. 

My Lunch 520 yen.

The breakfast room is next to reception. It's simple meal (bread, juice, and etc.)

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