Chiang Rai Trip (Part 1), Thailand

Chiang Rai is located in the Northern Thailand. There are several beautiful nature and attractions. I visited Chiang Rai for 3 days 2 nights. I came here with my parents (3 persons include me) for holiday and rented the car with chauffeur. Car rental price was 2,000 Baht for my first day trip. The rental rate was higher than the second day because this trip I went to upcountry. However, this rate already includes the fuel charge. You can also tip to the chauffeur if you want. Here is my itinerary for 1 day trip (of the first part). 

- Choui Fong Tea Plant
- The Mae Fah Luang Garden
- Phahee Coffee House
- Doi Pha Mee
- Wat Huai Pla Kung (Temple)

Choui Fong Tea Plant (ไร่ชาฉุยฟง)

Choui Fong Tea Plant is the large tea producers with the high quality of tea and is very popular sightseeing place in Chiang Rai. There are various tea such as Jasmine Tea, Oolong tea, green tea and etc. 


The visitors can take photo of tea plant freely (no admission fee).

You can learn about tea process but I'm not sure English language is available or not. I visited the tea plant so of course must try some tea and dessert. I tried a piece of green tea cake (110 Baht), Thai tea cake (110 Baht), Jasmine hot tea (50 Baht), Oolong tea (60 Baht). I shared all of these with my mom. After that enjoyed the view and took some of photo. Before moving to the next place, bought some souvenirs 

The Mae Fah Luang Garden (สวนแม่ฟ้าหลวง)

The Mae Fah Luang Garden is part of the Doi Tung Development Project, located in Northern of Chiang Rai. The Garden is located on land that was originally the Akha village of Pa Kluay. There are souvenir shop and restaurant / canteen opposite with the garden's entrance.

Admission Fee

Adult 90 Baht
Senior and Student 45 Baht

The Mae Fah Luang Garden have six zones which are 

1. Doi Tung Tree Top Walk
2. Embrace of Winter
3. House of Paphlopedium
4. Rock Garden
5. Bromeliad Garden
6. Statue of Continuity

Doi Tung Tree Top Walk

Explorers can experience a 295-meter long walkway among the trees of the Mae Fah Luang Garden at 30 meters above the ground. It is open daily from 08.30am – 05.00pm with an admission fee of 150 baht per person.

Phahee Coffee House (กาแฟผาฮี้)
Actually, Phahee Coffee House was not in my itinerary and was recommended by chauffeur. It takes around 25-30 minutes from The Mae Fah Luang Garden. The scenery is great and the coffee price is not expensive at all. I tried the cafe latte, only 50 baht. The taste is good.


On the way to the next sightseeing place, dropped at Doi Pha Mee (ดอยผาหมี) viewpoint for few minutes. Doi Pha Mee means Bear Mountain. It is famous place which is check-in point of Moopa Academy team. 

The last stop of today's trip was Wat Huay Pla Kang (วัดห้วยปลากั้ง). The outstanding of this temple are Goddess Guanyin statue and 9-storey pagoda. You can either take the free shuttle bus from parking lot to Goddess Guanyin statue or use stairway to climb up. After get off the shuttle bus, you can take the elevator for climbing inside the statue. Admission fee for Thai is 20 Baht and foreigner is 40 Baht. 

Goddess Guanyin statue 

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