Biei View Bus Tour in Autumn 2018 (Oct - Nov)

Biei View Bus Tour in autumn will start on 12th October - 30th November 2018.
The tour will be operated every Friday to Monday.

Biei View Bus Photo: Jitabi Website

1. Blue Pond Course (October)

Operation Period: 12th Oct - 29th Oct 2018 only on Friday to Monday.

Departure time: 9:45 at Shiki-no-johoukan(Biei Tourist Information).
Arriving time: 12:15

Place: Shirogane Blue Pond (30 mins.) -> Shirahige Waterfalls (15 mins.) ->  Mt.Tokachi-dake Observatory (Bougaku-dai) 15 mins. -> Shirogane Birke  (10 mins.)

Purchase on website

2. Blue Pond Course (November)

Operation Period: 2nd Nov - 30th Nov 18 only on Friday to Monday.

Departure Time: 13:00 at Shiki-no-johoukan(Biei Tourist Information) 
Arriving Time: 15:45
Duration: 2h 45m. 

Place: Shirahige Waterfalls (15 mins.) -> Shirogane Blue Pond (30 mins.) ->  Shirogane Birke (Break 15 mins.) -> Shin-ei View Park (15 mins)  

Purchase on website

Bus Fare: Adult 2,500 yen / Child 1,000 yen

Purchasing the ticket

1. Purchase at Shiki-no-Johoukan(Biei Tourist Information) before departure date.
2. Purchase on Jitabi website

Reference: Biei Tourism Association

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  1. Hello, do you know when will the October 2019 bus tour schedule be released? The Biei blue pond tour will be the highlight of my upcoming trip to Hokkaido, but it is really difficult to plan without concrete information...

    Thank you.

    1. Hi! The tour schedule should be released around September or early October.