(Review) Hotel Maira, Okayama - Japan

Okayama is one of the largest city in Chugoku region. It takes 50-70 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station (Shinkansen). Hotel Maira is a standard accommodation with reasonable price. It takes 10 minutes walk from Okayama Station. The hotel provides free drinks 24 hours and free breakfast. This is my solo trip so the review is for single room. I went to Okayama after the flood hit but here does not get any effect from disaster.

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Hotel Maira is 10 minutes walk from Okayama Station, East Gate. You can walk through underground passage, follow the sign to Aeon Mall or  use normal path. Go to Aeon Mall and cross the road. Walk through Kencho Dori (Kencho Road). Hotel is on the left side, near the canal and opposite with convenience store.

The front desk is on the 1st floor. On the left side of counter, they are free drinks 24 hours (cola, coffee and etc.) and ice cream on the right side. Microwave is also available.

Drinks vending machine and tourist map & brochure is near the counter. The breakfast is also at this room.

Breakfast starts at 06:00 until 09:00 (only breads, not a buffet). You can select any breads at the front. I choose the right side which is apple pie. If you are in hurry, you may take it on the train. 

I used panorama mode so that you can see the wide area. The room size is small (as Japanese standard) but full amenities. It is worth for this price. The hanger is on the ceiling, no wardrobe due the limited space. I requested the non-smoking room. The air refresher is on the headboard. 

Yukata is on the bed. 

The hair dryer is on the desk. I tried to switch on the TV but cannot so I checked the remote and found that someone removed one of batteries. 

The kettle and free teas.

I impress with the full amenities in the bathroom. 
On the right side are body soap, shampoo and conditioner.
On the left side are moisturizing gel, milky face wash, gel lotion, cleansing oil, razor, toothbrush & toothpaste and comb.

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