Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory - Tottori, Japan

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory is located in Hokuei Town, Tottori. This town is the birthplace of Detective Conan so you can see Conan in different characters such as bronze statue, Conan bridge, Manhole. Detective Conan is ongoing manga series and anime TV series written by Gosho Aoyama. If you plan to arrange for one day trip from Osaka, I would not recommend because it takes time for transportation. There are 1-2 trains per hour which pass Yura Station. 

Normally, I write down the access first but I list the different ways and put many detail so I put this detail at the end of this article.

In front of Yura Station or Conan Station. Souvenir shop is next to Yura Station. Don't forget to visit the shop, you can collect two commemorative stamps (I will show the photo later).

I came from Tottori Station and planned to go to Yonago. In fact, I was not sure whether to bring the luggage here because afraid of unavailability of coin lockers. I did not want to leave the luggage at other station and came back here as it would be waste time. My decision was right. When I came here, all the the lockers were available. 

There are only 4 coin lockers and only one size (the large size). Coin Locker is 500 yen each. My luggage size is 25" and it is fit enough for the locker. Put your luggage in and insert 500 yen coin, then turn key follow the sign and take the key out.

Hokuei Town Map

You can take the photo of Conan Statue and visit cafe as the below map.

Hokuei Town Map: Hokuei Kankou Website

After get off Yura Station, you will see Conan first. Cross the road and go Straight.

Conan's friends 

Go straight until you see Lawson on the right side, then turn right and go straight. Keep going until see ENEOS, then turn left and follow the sign as below photo.

Conan Bridge

Short walk from Conan Bridge is Conan's House Beika Shopping Street. There are Cafe, souvenir shop and the maze.

Conan Street

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Souvenir shop is on the left side. You can visit the shop after already visit the museum. 

Opening Hours: 9:30 - 17:30 (Admission until 30 minutes before closing time)

Admission Fee

Pre-school free
Elementary school student 300 yen
Junior and Senior High school student 500 yen
Adult 700 yen

※ Visitors holding a Disabled Person's Handbook will receive a 50% discount.

※ A personal ticket shows the passport or a residence card, 100 yen discount.

Kansai Wide Area does not cover the transportation to Yura Station. It covers only to Tottori Station but covered by San'in-Okayama Area Pass. If you show this pass, you also get 100 yen off admission.

Inside the museum.

You can see Gosho Aoyama's works especially manga and also enjoy collecting the stamp. There are 4 stamps inside the museum and another 2 stamps at Souvenir shop at Yura Station.

The above 2 papers are stamps which I collected. On the left side is from the museum and on the right side is from the souvenir shop next to Yura Station. The another 2 papers; the right side is the ticket. Do not throw it away, you can use it for activity in the museum.

Conan manga in different languages.

Conan's goods


- Play simulator skateboard
- Place your entrance ticket on the table, the screen will show the character of the Conan in 3D. 
- Voice-Changing bow tie 

Giant Conan Shoe

These are some parts of Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory. The visitors may be crowded in weekends. If you are Conan's fan, you may spend time for half or whole day here but please be careful about train or bus timetable.


JR Yura Station and 20 minutes walk from the station.
You can take the taxi or rent the bicycle from Yura Station.

Rent Bicycle fee at Yura Station, 400 yen / Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory 200 yen per 2 hours.

From Osaka

1.  Nihonkotsu Bus -> JR 

1.1 Nihonkotsu Bus from OCAT, Osaka to Kurayoshi Station (4,300 yen)

OCAT -> Kurayoshi Station Bus Timetable

08:30-12:50 / 10:30 - 14:05 / 13:25 - 18:05 / 18:30 - 22:05 / 19:50 - 23:25 / 21:30 - 02:24

Kurayoshi Station -> OCAT Bus Timetable
06:35 - 10:10 / 07:45 - 12:05 / 10:05 - 13:40 / 12:00 - 16:20 / *18:50 - 22:52 / *22:45 - 04:51

Timetable ref: Nihonkotsu Website

1.2 Take JR from Kurayoshi Station to Yura Station (10 minutes, 200 yen)

Total Fare: 4,300 + 200 yen = 4,500 yen

2. LTD. EXP -> JR (San-In Line)

Take LTD. EXP SUPER HAKUTO from Shin-Osaka Station to Tottori Station (160 minutes approximately), then take JR San-In line from Tottori Station to Yura Station (70 minutes).

Total fare for unreserved seat 7,550 yen.

San-In Line

3. Nihonkotsu Bus -> JR (LTD. Exp) -> JR (San-In Line)

3.1 Take Nihonkotsu bus from OCAT to Tottori Station, special price for foreign visitors 1,000 yen only. This price is valid until 31 October 2018. You can buy the ticket at Tourist Information Center at Kansai Airport, Namba OCAT, Tottori Station Bus Terminal. It takes 3 hours or 3 hours 30 minutes. More information, click here 

3.2 Take LTD. EXP SUPER HAKUTO to Kurayoshi Station (30 minutes) and take JR San-In line to Yura Station. Total fare for unreserved seat is 1,590 yen

Total Fare: 1,000+1,590 yen = 2,590 yen

From Okayama

1. Hinomaru Bus -> JR

1.1 Take Hinomaru Bus from Okayama Station to Kurayoshi Station.

Hinomaru Bus Timetable (Okayama Station West Gate -> Kurayoshi Station)

10:10 - 12:45 / 17:40 - 20:05

Fare: Adult 3,100 yen / Child 1,550 yen

More Information, Hinomaru Website

1.2 Take JR from Kurayoshi Station to Yura Station (10 minutes, 200 yen)

Total Fare: 3,100 + 200 = 3,300 yen

2. LTD. EXP -> JR

2.1 Take LTD. EXP Yakumo from Okayama Station to Yonago Station (135 minutes)

2.2 Take JR San-In Line from Yonago Station to Yura Station (56 minutes)

Total Fare: 5,510 yen (unreserved seat)

3. Shinkansen -> LTD. EXP -> JR

3.1 Take Shinkansen Kodama / Hikari / Nozomi / Sakura to Himeji from Okayama Station to Himeji Station. 

3.2 Take LTD. EXP SUPER HAKUTO to Kurayoshi Station (128 minutes)

3.3 Take JR San-In Line from Kurayoshi Station to Yura Station (10 minutes, 200 yen)

Total Fare: 7,790 yen (Shinkansen Hikari Unreserved Seat) 

4. JR -> LTD. EXP -> JR

4.1 Take JR Sanyo Line for AIOI from Okayama Station to Kamigori.

4.2 Take LTD. EXP SUPER HAKUTO to Kurayoshi Station

4.3 Take JR San-In Line from Kurayoshi Station to Yura Station

Total Fare: 5,170 yen (unreserved seat)

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