Buying JR Pass Online, Where? How?

In the past the tourists can purchase JR Pass only at the travel agent outside Japan. Now, JR Pass is available both in Japan and outside Japan. The difference is the price. Purchasing JR Pass in Japan is more expensive than outside Japan so I recommend buying outside Japan. Please note that some JR Pass is not available for online purchasing. For example, Booking Online of Kansai Wide Area Pass is 9,000 yen (Adult) and purchasing after arriving in Japan is 10,000 yen. You can save 1,000 yen.

Where to Buy?

- Travel Agent Overseas (H.I.S, JTB, Kkday, Klook and etc.)
- Booking Online on JR Website
- At the counter after arriving Japan

I used to buy from travel agent (H.I.S., Kkday) and on JR website. 
My Comment for purchasing JR Pass with agent and booking directly with JR website

1. H.I.S. Tour is the big company in Japan who offer tours and packages and has many retail stores. Purchasing JR Pass with H.I.S., I must pay by cash. There is extra charge for credit card. 

2. Kkday: Kkday offer many railway tickets, theme park ticket, day tours, sim cards, airport transfer, private car with chauffeur and etc. They often provide discount or promo code and also have partner with credit card. Sometimes, you can use discount from credit card while no special discount on website. The head office is based in Taiwan. You can change the currency view on the website. However, the bill is calculated based on Taiwan Dollar.
Kkday Website:

3. Klook: Klook is similar to Kkday but offers more various type of tickets than Kkday. You can also buy the ticket which are not found in Kkday. The currency is calculated by Singapore Dollar. The communication with call center may not fast and easy like Kkday. There are also promo discount for specific period.
Klook Website:

4. Booking Online on JR Website
Easy reservation system. The payment will be made on ticket issued date in Japan.
You can book online in advance at least 2 days before arrival. 
How to Buy?

1. Buy from agent

1.1 KKday: KKday offers JR Pass. After purchasing JR Pass online, they will send exchange voucher to you (may be to your home, pick up point which depends on country). In Thailand, customers can pick up at the airport or counter on skytrain station. You must purchase the ticket in advance at least 1 week. In case of pick up at the counter, the voucher will be ready 3-4 days after purchasing date even you purchase in advance 1 week. You can pick up your voucher after receiving sms from KKday. 

The exchange voucher is valid for 3 months so you must exchange the ticket within 3 months after date of issue. Please check exchange rate, promo code or discount from credit card before purchasing. 

Sample of Exchange Voucher
1.2. Klook: Klook offer various kind of ticket especially JR Pass. I can find some JR Pass which don't have in KKday. Please check the detail carefully, you can pick up some JR Pass at the airport or some voucher will be sent to your home. If the voucher is sent to your home, it may take time so you should purchase the ticket advance at least few weeks before departure date.

I think both KKday and Klook are very convenient. I choose the one who provide more discount at that time. I impress with call center of KKday, fast response and has service mind. You should contact in English even the website provides the information in other languages. 

2. Booking Online on JR Website

Booking JR Pass online on JR Website is valid only for some JR Pass. Most of JR West ticket are available on website. The transaction on website is just put your detail about name, where to pick up, when to start using the pass, email, passport no., how many people and etc. The payment is made on the ticket issue date. After finish booking, the voucher will be sent to your email. Please print it and show to staff.

This is the map where you can exchange the voucher or buy the ticket at Kansai Airport.

JR West
JR West Ticket Office

If you do not purchase JR Pass outside Japan, you can purchase at JR Ticket Office but the price is more expensive. In case of buying JR Pass from agent or JR Website, present the voucher or email confirmation and sign your name on form. 

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