(Review) Citybox Bergen - Norway

Citybox Bergen is budget hotel, located nor far from Bergen Bus Station and Bergen Railway Station. I booked the room on Agoda website but when received the booking confirmation, it showed the booking made via booking.com. That's no problem. The payment is upon the check-in. Check-in is self service and payment by credit card requires pin code. 

Access from Bergen Airport, (Bergen Lufthavn)

1. Flybussen: Bus departs every 10-15 minutes. I takes 20 minutes from Bergen Airport. Get off at 1st stop (Bergen Busstasjon), walk 400-500 m.

2. Light Rail: Bergen Lufthavn Station to Nonneseter Station, 43 minutes from airport. Walk 400-500 m.

Map: Citybox Bergen Website
After entering to hotel, you must check-in at the machine. Enter the reference code, check your name and email. Insert your credit card and enter pin code. Once, the payment is done, the receipt will be sent to your email. 

Check in time is 3 p.m I arrived hotel around 2 pm. The staff checked the room and it was ready so she allowed us to enter the room earlier. If the room is not available yet or not the check-in time yet, you can leave your luggage in luggage room. When the room is available, You can select how many key card you want (1 or 2). When you go out and come back to hotel, you must use your keycard to unlock the front door.

I selected family room; one double bed and one bunk bed. I came with my parents (mom and dad). My room is on Tower A on 2nd floor. 
Taking the elevator, keycard is required except going down to 1st floor. Touch the keycard for 1 second for unlock the door. For your information. After entering or getting out of the room, the room is not locked immediately but delay for 30 seconds. For your safety, just touch the keycard again to lock the door immediately.

Check current room rate, click here

The room is clean and not small, has enough space to keep your luggage. 
There is no hair dryer in the toilet but you can borrow from the hotel. No TV, kettle, free tea or coffee, mug (only plastic glass) in the room. Tissue is available only in toilet.

The room rate does not include the breakfast. The microwave, toaster, refrigerator, kettle, drink & snack vending machine are available on 1st floor. You can buy the food from supermarket or convenience store and heat up at the hotel. There free plastic forks and knife, paper plate and cup. You can dine in this area and also watch TV. 

Kiwi Minipris supermarket is opposite the hotel. It is grocery store. The price is not bad, you can buy some snack, frozen food and etc. If you concern about the breakfast, you may buy bread with jam or canned fish, frozen food and heat up at the hotel, instant noodle and etc. Kiwi Minipris opens at 7 am.

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