DIY Norway In A Nutshell (Part 2)

Regarding part 1, I started the trip from Bergen to Oslo. I traveled between Bergen and Oslo by plane. Many tourists start the trip from Oslo to Bergen. My fjord trip is 1 day round trip (starts and end at Bergen). I did not take the own way train from Bergen and end at Oslo. These are my reasons.

1. No need to concern about the baggage. 
2. It takes time about 7 hours between Bergen and Oslo.  If you arrive destination late (may be 22:00), you will get tired and may not be safety even it's cost saving.
3. I came with my parents.

The trip starts at Bergen Station. It is not far from Bus Station. There are 2 shops near the entrance gate and 1 convenience store (Narvesen). The shops sell snacks, drinks, food (BBQ chicken, hotdog, noodle, pasta, salad). The big noodle cup is 69 NOK. It is big cup so I shared with my mom. I recommend to buy some food or snack because there is few shops along the fjord trip. The convenience store sells bread starts from 10 NOK and pizza 27 NOK. 

Bergen Station

Before departure time, get the real the ticket, check the timetable and the platform number on board. If you are not sure which platform, you can also check on website 

I bought the ticket in advance on website but this is not the real ticket. Go to NSB machine like this photo (near Narvesen convenience store. Change the language to English. Select "Pre-booking" and insert the reference code which you get from email. If you have not purchased the ticket yet, select "New Ticket"

If I bought NIN package, the train timetable was 08:43-09:56 but I selected the earlier train because I concerned about the transit time at Voss and wanted to go for a walk in Voss.

You should go onboard before departure time at least 15 minutes. I did not hear the announcement. When it is departure time, the train departs on time.

This was my itinerary

Norway in a nutshell

07:57-09:06     Bergen to Voss (Reserved seat is required).

10:10-11:05 Bus 950 from Voss(Voss Stasjon) to Gudvangen(Gudvangenkai) (55 mins.)
12:00-14:00 Gudvangen Fjord cruise to Flåm 
14:40-15:30 Flåm to Myrdal (5 minutes stop at Kjosfossen Waterfall)
15:42-17:57    Myrdal to Bergen (2hr 15 min) 

There are toilets available on train. If you have baggage, you can put in front of or at the back of each car, also the overhead compartment. It takes about 1 hour 10 minutes from Bergen to Voss.

I still had about 55 minutes before bus department time. Voss is the small city but it is beautiful and peaceful. I took a walk and took some beautiful photo. There is supermarket (Kiwi Minipris) and tourist information centre not far from the church. 

I walked back to Voss Bus Station (Voss stasjon), short walk from Voss Station (train) follow the sign. Please take bus no.950. If you bought NIN package, just show the ticket. You can also buy the ticket with the driver by cash 118 NOK. 

I arrived bus station 15 minutes before departure time so I could select the seat based on first come first served. There are a lot of passengers on the bus (almost full). I impress the scenery between Voss and Gudvangen the most.

After 55 minutes, I arrived Gudvangen where I took fjord cruise. It's windy here. There is one restaurant (including souvenirs) in Gudvangen so it was crowded. When bus arrived Gudvangen, most of people went to toilet (free of charge). There are toilets in restaurant and opposite the restaurant. I did not buy anything here, just took the photo.

It's time for fjord cruise. When boarding the cruise, you may select the front row. For your information, after the cruise departs, the cruise will turn around so be careful if you want to sit in the first row. This is winter cruise, there are two floors and deck. Toilets are on the second floor. Food and drink are available for sale so I tried the fish soup (89 NOK). I saw some of tourists feed the seagull. The baggage compartment is near the entrance gate.

Next is the flambana (train to Mydral) which is the romantic train. When it is not the boarding time yet, we cannot come closer to the train but if you want take photo, there is one car available near the souvenir shop. 

The seat on flambana is first come, first served. The monitor on flambana guide the sightseeing place in each spot. The train stops at waterfall for 5 minutes. You can get down to take some picture. I went there in mid April but the waterfall still froze.

When I arrived Mydral, I went to opposite side to take the train back to Bergen.

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