Norway Travel Guide

Norway in one of Scandinavian country where has beautiful nature including Northern Light. Oslo is the capital city. Norway is near Denmark and Sweden. I provide some travel guide as follows:

Norway Travel Guide

1. Currency: NOK (Norwegian Krone). Cash and credit card are accepted by the shops. Mostly, people use credit card.

2. PIN Code: You must have your PIN code if you settle the payment by credit card but some place does not require.

3. High cost of living: Food and stuff are very expensive. You may bring some food from your home like me such as instant noodle / soup / rice / 3 in 1 drinks and etc.

4. Toilet: Free public toilets are few. Toilet fee is from 5 NOK / 10 NOK / 20 NOK (Standard is 10 NOK). Some place requires credit card with pin code only. If you pay by cash but don't have coin (Coins are 5, 10 and 20 nok), get the change from the machine or from staff. The used toilet tissue paper can be put down in the toilet and flush it.

5. Convenience Store: 7-11 Eleven, Narvesen
     Narvesen has many branches more than 7-11
6. Supermarket: Rema 1000, Kiwi Mini Pris, Meny, COOP
     My opinion, I like shopping at KIWI as the price is cheap and has various products.

7. Sunday is really a holiday. Shops, department stores, supermarket are close on Sunday.
 Not all branches are close. Most of shops near the big train station or bus station are still open. If you are not sure, you may buy some stuff on Saturday for Sunday consumption e.g. Frozen food and heat up by microwave, Eat bread with the jam.

8. Although sometimes traffic light is still red, people cross the road (don't wait until it becomes green color)

9. Plastic bag is 1 NOK each. Please prepare your own bag.

10. Some hotels don't provide hair dryer but you can borrow.

11. Water: tap water is clean. The drinking water in convenience stores and supermarket are about 20-30 nok per bottle.

12. The budget hotels or hostel may have microwave and self kitchen.

13. Some hotels don't have escalators

14. Some hotels includes breakfast in the room rate.

15. NSB Train: you can purchase the single ticket at the machine, online or on board. Purchasing online and at the machine, the price are cheaper. The machine accept coins and banknote but the changes only coins are available. No changes in banknote.

16. Ruter (Public Transportation): The machine accepts only coins.

17. In Norway, people can speak English well.

18. People like to eat bread, muffin, pizza.

19. Meal cost: I don't enter the restaurant. Mostly, I prepare some food from my home and heat up by microwave. Then, I bought some food from supermarket. For lunch, I bought a bread.

For example:

- Narvesen Convenience Store:  
Photo: Narvesen Website

   Croissant, Bread (Bakery) starts from 10 NOK/piece. 
   Pizza 1 piece 27 NOK
   Coffee with Bakery 25 NOK
   Potato Chips 20 NOK (Small size)

- 7-11
  Noodle 20 NOK (approximately) per 100 g. I ordered 60 NOK (this quantity seems enough) and asked staff to heat the food. 
  Hotdog 44 NOK (You can put tomato sauce or hotdog sauce as much as you like)

- McDonald's

   Hamburger 14 NOK
   Cheeseburger 17 NOK
   Big Mac 58 NOK
   Filet-O-Fish 27 NOK
   McChicken 58 NOK
   Nugget 6 pieces  58 NOK, 9 pieces 72 NOK
   Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite  23 NOK
   Black Coffee (0.2L) 12 NOK
   Coffee Latte (0.2L)  22 NOK
   Cocoa 22 NOK (You can choose to put creme or no creme)

20. Travel between cities

You can choose travelling by airplane or train.
The domestic flight: The main 2 airlines are SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and Norwegian Shuttle (Low Cost Airline). 

Sometimes, cost of travelling by airplane is not much different from train and it is more convenient.

21. Online ticket purchasing (transportation) is  cheaper than buying on board.

22. Airport Trolley is 10 NOK for rent.

23. Shops and museum hours in winter and summer are different. The shops and museums close early in winter.

24. Norway in a nutshell is a popular package which take you to fjord scenery. It is not a guide tour. The package only includes train and ferry ticket. You can buy the ticket separately by yourself and the cost will be cheaper.

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