Buying Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Discount Tickets - Taiwan

The system of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is based primarily on Japan's Shinkansen technology so if you have ever taken Shinkansen in Japan, it's easy. THSR helps you save travel time and it is convenient. You can travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung (the southern Taiwan). It is better if you can buy the discount THSR tickets. 

The two main methods for discount tickets.

1. Buying the ticket from THSR website.

1.1 Going to THSR Website , choose departure and destination point, then date and time.

1.2 You will see the departure and arrival time, percent of discount price. If you buy the early bird ticket (= buy ticket in advance), you can buy it in cheaper price. The percent of discount are 10%, 20% and 35%. Choose the travel time. If you select the specific time, you must get on the THSR according to the time on your booking. 

1.3 Confirm booking and make a payment.
1.4 Print confirmation booking and collect the ticket at the THSR Stations.

If you already made payment but have not collected the tickets yet, you can cancel the ticket at least 30 minutes before departure through the system or at the Ticket Window in any THSR station.

For more information, please click here.

2. Buying the ticket from KKday

KKDay is travel e-commerce platform who cooperate with local tours and activities. KKDay provides the local tours, sim card, charter car, airport transfer, discount ticket not only in Taiwan.

KKDay website ->
Please select the country and currency.

I bought THSR ticket and one day trip by private car (include chauffeur) through KKDay website. It's convenient. In this article, I focus on THSR ticket only. Normally, on website offers 20% discount of THSR ticket. Sometimes, KKday offers more discount (I got 30% discount of the ticket). There are special promotions (e.g. promo code) during specific period. You can follow the promotion on facebook. Buying the ticket from this website, the passengers no need to specify the departure time, can select the time on the day. The ticket is valid for 90 days from the issue date.

After finish booking, wait for the confirmation from the staff and the voucher will be sent to your email. Print it and present with passport to the staff at THSR Stations. Go to Periodic Ticket Counter to receive the ticket and you will get the ticket like this photo.

THSR is similar Shinkansen of Japan. You can put your small luggage overhead compartment.

The luggage can be stored in front of the first row of each car.

Or put your some staff in front of yourself, there is some available space.

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