Kokusaidori Street - Okinawa, Japan

Kokusaidori means International Road (Kokusai = International, Dori = Street). It is located in downtown Naha and is very popular shopping street. The street stretches from the Naha Bus Terminal to Makishi Station. You can look for some souvenirs here. The shopping area is near Kencho-mae Station, Miebashi Station and Makishi Station. Every Sunday, this street is closed to traffic from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Kokusaidori Map

Map: Good Luck Trip
Map: Good Luck Trip
If you walk from Makishi Station, you can see Saion Square. There is drug store and convenience store on 1st floor. Hotto Motto is Japanese fast food chain specializing in take out bento. Just cross the road from Saion Square. The bento price is not expensive at all. One bento starts from 500 yen or cheaper and the taste is good. 

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is popular drug store, sells medicines, cosmetics. It is opposite Hotto Motto. 

For Pokemon lovers, Pokemon Store is at Hapi Naha. It is opposite Calbee Store and Heiwa Dori. A&W Shop which you can see many branches in Okinawa, is next to Hapi Naha. When you see A&W shop, you will see ダイコク (Daikoku Drug). The text is dark blue color and the background is orange. There are 2 branches (both left and right side of Kokusaidori). You can also find this shop in many regions in Japan. Daikoku does not sell only the cosmetic and medicines, also sells the snacks, drinks for souvenirs. There are many products in 100 yen.

Don Quijote or Donki which is the biggest discount store in Japan, is next to Pablo. This store opens 24 hours and sells everything; snacks, drinks, cosmetics, apparels, electronic products, brand name products and etc. You can pick up the discount coupon on monorail station. The coupon offers special discount in case of purchasing over 5,000 yen. You can also do tax refund at the counter if purchase the products 5,000 yen (excluding tax). Don't forget to return the receipt at the airport which attached in your passport. 

The street which is next to Pablo, take us to Makishi Market. In fact, there are the shops along both side but this photo was taken in the morning (around 10:00 a.m.). I went to Makishi Market. Go straight and turn left at the second junction. 

On the 1st floor is the fresh market and there are some restaurants on 2nd floor.

Makishi Public Market
Opening Hours:  8:00 am - 09:00 pm (Different by the store.)

About 9 minutes walk from Makishi monorail station.
About 10 minutes walk from Miebashi monorail station.

I tried this menu. It's set menu (rice with umibudou, egg and soba). Umibudou (Sea Grapes) is one of recommended food in Okinawa. Although the fresh market opens 8:00 a.m., some restaurants on 2nd floors opens around 10:30-11:00. 

Beniimo Tarte (as below photo) is one of popular souvenir when visit Okinawa. There are other branches in other cities e.g. Nago. The price are the same. You can buy from other cities or at Kokusaidori Street. 

Giant Shisa on the rooftop.

If you already visited Churaumi Aquarium in Nago but have not bought the souvenirs yet. You can buy them from this store (The blue shop).

I believe that many tourists visit this shop. The decoration style of the shop is different from other. I saw many tourists sit and take a photo with a man in front of the shop (on the left of photo).

The visitors can enjoy shopping at Kokusaidori Street until 11:00 p.m. There are many cafe, convenience stores and restaurants along both side. If you visit on Sunday after the street is closed to traffic, you can watch the street shows including the folk dance.

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