One Day Trip in Taichung - Taichung, Taiwan

I traveled to Taichung before going to Nantou next day. You can see my previous article about travel from Travel from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung. Travel to Nantou takes 2 hours approximately. I arrived Taichung around 11:00 so I decided to travel around TRA Taichung Station on that day. Mostly tourists visit Taichung for taking the bus to Nantou but not for sightseeing in Taichung City. There are other interesting sightseeing places but I did not mention. 

This is the front of TRA Taichung Station. I understand that this is the old station. You can the distance from old station to new station. When I arrived this station, I also confused where the exit gate is. If you want to get to the front of the old station same as below photo, please use the exit no. 2 or 3 and follow the crowd.

Taichung Sightseeing Map

Taichung Website

Get off Taichung station. You will see many taxi on your left side.

Walk to right side, you will see Kuo-Kuang motor transport.

Keep going straight and cross the road, you will see U-Bus Station (The green car).

There are shops near U-Bus Station. The price is not high. You can try some milk tea which is popular in Taiwan. When you order milk tea, you can choose less or more sugar and ice. I think half sugar and ice is enough for me. The price starts from NT$ 40. 

Miyahara which is originally eye hospital, now is a tourist attraction. The tourist must visit here if travel to Taichung. Miyahara sells tea, snack, ice cream, chocolate. The price of the products are high but premium quality. The highlight is the ice cream flavors which has a lot of flavors especially the chocolate. I like the shop design. It looks elegant 

From Taichung Station, turn left. Cross the road follow the green walkway. You will see 7-Eleven at the corner on your right side. Just go straight. Miyahara is at the corner on the right side.  

I took a taxi near U-Bus Station to Yizhong Market (一中商圈). Mostly the tourists visit Feng Chia Market instead of this market because it is larger. Yizhong Market is only 10 minutes from Taichung Station. Taxi fare is NT$ 95. I chose the taxi instead of the bus because of the convenience. I travel with my family (4 people) so the fare is cheap and no need to check the bus timetable.

Yizhong Market Opening Hours: 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
It is not a large market. I went Yizhong Market around 1 p.m. Only some shops open. The shops sell the accessories, bags, clothes, cosmetics, brand name products and etc. I spent around 20-30 minutes there. Some shops especially restaurant and street food open in the evening. I went to McDonald's to take a break. I bought pancake with drink. It's set menu, only NT$ 50 (so cheap). In Taiwan, they call hotcake instead of pancake.

I went to Taroko Mall from Yizhong Market by taxi (NT$ 110). Taroko Mall is at the back of Taichung Station. You can walk from the railway station. 

There are over 10 floors. The shops sell the brand name products.
The food court is on basement floors. I think the food price at food court is more expensive than the restaurants outside the mall but one dish is big.  

Carrefour (Hypermarket) is on the basement floors (B1-B2). The food and beverage are on the B2 Floor. Don't forget to bring your own bag. Normally, In Taiwan charge NT$1 for a plastic bag even Daiso (Japan 100 yen shop). Daiso price starts from NT39.

Tea Price for your reference.

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