Okinawa World - Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa World is theme park in Okinawa. There are 3 attractions which are Gyokusendo Cave, Craft Village, Habu Park (Snake Museum). The natural cave is the main attraction.


From Naha Bus Terminal, go to Kamiizumi (C1) bus stop.

Get off at Asahibashi Station, East Exit. Go straight, follow Kamiizumi sign. 

You will see bus stop no. 11-14. Keep going straight until see the junction, then cross the road.

Follow my yellow sign.

This is bus stop. It is in front of Bakery shop and near Lawson. FYI, Lawson has toilet.
While I was waiting for the bus, I went to Lawson to buy something to eat and take a break. A man (the taxi driver who park the car in front of Lawson) came to ask me to go to sightseeing spot by his car. He asked me in Japanese. He noticed that I was a tourist. I refused because taking the bus is cheaper. 

Take the bus no. 83. Bus Timetable   (One bus every 1-2 hours)
Choose for HYAKUNA Bus terminal, GYOKUSENDO MAE and weekday or weekend.
Fare 580 yen, 60 minutes. Get off "Gyokusendo-mae" (terminal bus stop).

After 60 minutes, finally arrived Okinawa World!Buy the ticket at the counter, don't forget to print out the discount coupon.
For example, if you come with your family 4 persons, print only 1 coupon is enough. 

Admission Fees
AdultChildGroup (15 or more people)
Open Greeting Pass (Cave, Kingdom Village and Habu Museum)¥1,650¥830Adult¥1,440 Child¥720
Cave and Kingdom Village¥1,240¥620Adult¥1,030 Child¥520
Kingdom Village¥620¥310Adult¥520 Child¥260
Habu Museum¥620¥310Adult¥520 Child¥260

*Discount Coupon (please download on website, choose map/coupon)

Kingdom Village & Limestone Cave 10% off.
Adult (15 years old and over) ¥1,240 ➡ ¥1,120
Child (4 - 14 years old) ¥620 ➡ ¥560

Business hours

9:00 to 18:00 (entry until 17:00)

There are 3 attractions but I bought only Kingdom Village & Limestone Cave ticket. I don't like snake so skip it. Firstly, I went to Gyokusendo Cave. Go downstairs. The staff gave you a warm welcome and told me that they would take a photo for us. I asked if it's free. They said yes! In my mind, not free for sure. I would like to pass it but could not until they toke a photo for us. In fact, it is same as in many sightseeing place. You will see your photo at the exit gate. The photo is 1,100 yen. You can choose whether buy it or not.

Gyokusendo cave is 890-meter long cave. Beware of the humidity and some narrow pathway within the cave! Here is the downstairs. Don't worry, there is escalator at the exit gate.

It's hard to take photo inside the cave because of the light. It's good to visit this case but may not be appropriate for seniors because some pathways are narrow and may slip. It takes around 30 minutes walk. 

Blue Ponds

I think the pathway is good comparing with other caves I ever visited. The pathway is not too narrow and well maintained. 

The below photo is long escalator at the exit gate. After get off the exit gate, you can enjoy ride the segway (additional charge) on the left side and can see your photo which are taken at the entrance. I bought the photo because it's our family photo. The toilets are available around this area.

You can study how to make a glass from the glass blowing until get the finished products. There are different kinds of glasses i.e. clear glass, babble glass, grains fritt and etc. The products are also available for sale but the price is expensive.

The Craft Village! The tourists can join the workshops. The price is varies. 
Workshop list: Bingata (Okinawan traditional dyeing), Indigo Dyeing, Weaving, Paper Making and etc. 

There are a lot of souvenir shops in Okinawa World. 

I passed this area and heard the scream from inside. I stopped walking and saw the poster. It's 4D movie. The duration of each movie is only 15 minutes. One movie is 300 yen or 2 movies for 500 yen. While I was waiting for the time, I bought an ice cream which near this theater. The taste was good. 

The staff gave the 3D glasses before entering to the room. I bought a ticket for 2 movies. 
The room is not big, only 10-15 chairs. You can watch the movie in 180 degrees. The first movie (did not remember the name) was not interesting but the second movie was horror but great. In my opinion it's not 4D but only 3D. 

Next, I went to see Eisa Dance Show (Folk Dance). The photography of video recording is prohibited. Please check the schedule to make sure that you will not miss the show. Duration is 25 minutes but I watched 90% of the show because I was afraid that I would miss the bus. One bus every 1-2 hours. 

If you want to went back to Naha Bus Terminal, go to the exit gate. Go straight until see the main road and turn left. You will see the bus parks at the bus stop. The bus departs on time.

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