Attractions by Subway / JR (Part 1) - Osaka, Japan

Travel by subway or JR is the easy way for sightseeing in Osaka, Japan. Many attractions are located near railway. If you travel to many sightseeing places, one day pass or other pass  can save your travel cost. Here are previous reviews about pass:

Osaka Enjoy Eco Card (One Day Pass) or Osaka Amazing Pass?
Kansai Thru Pass, Kansai Area Pass or Kansai Wide Area Pass?
One Day Trip with Enjoy Eco Card

Osaka Subway Map

Namba Station (Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sennichimae Line, JR Line)

Mostly tourists knows Namba because of Big Glico sign and shopping street. It is easy to access Namba station as there are many railway lines e.g. Midosuji line, Yotsubashi line, Nankai Line , JR line and etc. I used to review the differences among Namba Station, click here. Many popular sightseeing places are located near this station, see the list as follows:

- Namba Park  -> Review

- Takashiyama Department Store
- Marui
- Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade

- Namba Walk (Underground Shopping)

This shopping street is busy for the whole day. If you have less shopping time, please consider this place. The shopping street is on ground and underground floor. You can buy the cosmetic, snacks, souvenirs, apparel, accessories and etc. 

Shinsaibashi Station (Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line)

- Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade

One station from Namba Station. There is long shopping street continues from Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade (Namba). This station connects Daimaru Department Store and can walk to other luxury department stores. There is a big Daiso Shop (100 Yen Shop), Uniqlo close to this station. Uniqlo of this branch is big (4-5 floors approximately). Don Quijote (big discount store) has 2 branches around this area.

- Daimaru
- Tokyu hands
- Amerikamura

- Crysta Nagahori: The underground shopping street, connect from Shinsaibashi Station to Nagahori Station. 

Honmachi Station (Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Chuo Line)

If you want to interchange at this station, there is some distances for walking between Midosuji Line and Chuo Line. Sometimes I decided to go to other stations for interchange instead because take less time to walk.

Utsubo ParkHonmachi Station, Exit 28

It is a large park where you can escape busy life in downtown area. It's free admission. There is beautiful rose garden especially in May. Please see my review

Semba Building Center: Honmachi (Midosuji Line Exit 16)

I ever visited here only once. I saw the advertisement on magazine which is the gigantic wholesale district. There are 10 buildings; number 1 to 10. The shops sell clothes, accessories, hats shoes and etc. For me, nothing special (may be not my shopping style) but there are a lot of shops here.

Umeda Station (Midosuji Line, Hankyu Line, Hanshin Line)

Umeda Station is a big railway station, near Higashi Umeda Station and Nishi Umeda Station. You can transfer to JR Osaka Station and go to other prefectures e.g. Kyoto, Kobe. Moreover, a lot of shopping malls and restaurants are located in this area. The illumination event is also held at Umeda during Christmas and New Year. 

Shin-Osaka Station (Midosuji Line, JR Line)

Shin Osaka station where you can connect to Shinkansen, is one of busy station in Osaka. There are many shops including the souvenir. The room rate of hotel around this station is reasonable. It is easy to connect to other prefectures e.g. Kyoto, Kobe and etc.

Senri-Chuo Station (Midosuji Line, Monorail)

Senri-Chuo Station is the terminal station of Midosuji Line. You can transfer to monorail from this station and also go to Osaka Airport (Itami Airport; Domestic Airport). There are department store and restaurants near this station. 

Dobutsuen-mae Station (Midosuji Line, Sakaisuji Line)

Tsutenkaku Tower, Shinsekai

Tsutenkaku Tower is located in Shinsekai area. Many restaurants and shops that you can choose. You can access there by get off Dobutsuen-mae Station or Ebisucho Station.


JR West Osaka Loop Line, Shin-Imamiya Station, East Exit (10-minute walk)
Nankai Railway Nankai Line, Shin-Imamiya Station, East Exit (10-minute walk)
Nankai Railway Koya Line, Shin-Imamiya Station, East Exit (10-minute walk)
Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line (brown line), Ebisucho Station, Exit 3 (3-minute walk)
Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (red line), Dobutsuen-mae Station, Exit 5 (10-minute walk)

Hankai Tramway Hankai Line, Ebisucho Station (3-minute walk)


SpaWorld has many zones; onsen, amusement pool, spa, hotel and etc. Onsen has both Asian and European Style. For more information, please visit website.

Tennoji Station (Midosuji Line, Tanimachi Line, JR Line)

Tennoji station is a large transfer station. You can transfer to Wakayama, Nara. Many attraction are located nears Tennoji station. Please check the exit gate number as there are many exits.   

Shitennoji Temple

Buddhism temple and the oldest administered temple in Japan. There are flea market during 21st-22nd of each month. Review

- Shitennoji-mae-Yuhigaoka Station (Tanimachi Subway Line), exit no.4. 
- JR Tennoji Station, North Exit. Walk 10 minutes.

Tennoji Zoo is close to Shinsekai area. 

Admission Fee
Adults 500 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 200 yen
Pre-school children Free

Opening Hour:   9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
The last entrance is 4:00 p.m.

Open until 6:00 p.m. with last entrance at 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays in May and September


Monday (the following weekday if Monday is a national holiday) Year-end and New Year: December 29 to January 1

Shinsekai Gate
10 min walk from Exit 1 of Dobutsuen-mae subway station (M22, K19)
10 min walk from Exit 3 of Ebisucho subway station (K18)
10 min walk from Tsutenkaku Exit (East exit) of JR Shin-Imamiya station
Tenshiba Gate
10 min walk from Exit 5 of Tennoji subway station (M23, T27)
10 min walk from Central Exit of JR Tennoji station

TEN-SHIBA - Tennoji-park did renewal to TEN-SHIBA(てんしば) in 2015, consists of large lawn, shops, restaurants and free admission.

Opening Hours: 7: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Some 24 hours open) ※ The opening hours of the shop varies depending on each shop.

Subway Midosuji Line · Tanimachi Line "Tennoji" Station, 
JR "Tennoji Station", Kintetsu "Osaka Abe Nobashi Station", 
Osaka Ueumacho Line "Tennoji Ekimae Station", a short walk from each station. 

Photo was taken before year 2015

Abeno Cues Town consists of Via Abeno Walk and Abeno Q's Mall; Large shopping mall consists of many stores and supermarket. I like Abeno Q's Mall because there are specialty stores, cafe, supermarket. Ito Yokado is a merchandise store and a member of Seven & I Group (e.g. 7-11) so there are many products in 7-11 brands and clothes are reasonable price. ABC Craft (ABCクラフト) is a must visit place for craft lover (very big store). 

3-minute walk from Tennoji Station on JR Kansai Airport Line or JR Hanwa Line (South Exit).
3-minute walk from Tennoji Station on JR Osaka Loop Line (South Exit)
2-minute walk from Tennoji Station on Sbuway Midosuji Line (direct connection from Exit No.12).

3-minute walk from Abenobashi Station on Kintetsu Line Station (West Exit).

One Day Trip at Tennoji Review

Nagai Station (Midosuji Line, JR Line)

Nagai Park has stadium, swimming pools, tennis court, and botanical garden with various trees and flowers. The illumination is always held at the botanical garden.

Nagai Park Review

Illumination Review

Attractions by Subway / JR (Part 2), click here

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