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Narita Transit Program & Stay Program is free tour for travelers who have long transit time or stay at the hotel at the Narita area but need to pay for your own transportation, food and drink and experience fees. The main 2 types of tours are volunteer guide tours and self tours. Volunteer Guide Tour runs by local guides from and to the airport. Self Tour allows you enjoy the trip by yourself (no guide).

The reception for tours with guides will be from 9am to 12pm, and the tours finish at 2pm.

The guidance of tours without guides will be from 9 am to 2 pm.
Each person can join only one of the guided tours per day.


(1) This program is for those who have spare time during a layover at Narita Airport or when staying at a hotel in the Narita area.

(2) Tour participants must be eligible to enter Japan.

(3) Please ensure that you have sufficient time to participate in your desired tour, as tour participants are solely responsible for their schedule and any possible delays which may arise.

(4) All tours are intended to guide non-Japanese travelers who are changing planes at Narita Airport (either domestic or international flights) or who are staying in the Narita area.

(5) All tours are free of charge; however, participants are responsible for all personal expenses, including transportation costs and entry fees, while on the tour. (There is no need to cover the guide's fees or expenses.)

(6) Due to the limited number of volunteer guides available, there is no guarantee that a guided tour can be provided to all participants desiring one.

Volunteer Guide Tours

1. Narita City (Total 3 hours)

Visit Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple  -> Review

Recommended for visitors with a bit more time to spare!

 - Sutra copying experience
 - Famous eel cuisine restaurant

2. Shibayama Town (Total 3 hours)

Japanese Cuisine Culture Experience Course (Shibayama Town)

Recommended for visitors with a bit more time to spare!

 - Strawberry picking experience (seasonal)
 - Offering prayers to Shisho Shrine
 - Observation tour for Museum of Aeronautical Sciences

 - Observation tour of Hill of Airplanes

3. Tako Town (Total 3 hours)

A walk in The Countryside in Japan (Pastoral landscape, Nichihon-ji Temple)

Recommended for visitors with a bit more time to spare!

 - Shiraishi Confectionary
 - Ajisai (hydrangea) Park
 - Roadside Station Tako

4. Sakae Town (Total 3 hours)

Enjoy wearing costumes in the cityscape of Edo Period, try and contact Japanese history.

Cosplay rental discounts at the adjacent Cosplay no Yakata are available for participants on the volunteer-guided Sakae Tour, with prices starting from 500 yen for children and from 1000 yen for adults.

Reservation and Map 

Self Tours

5. Kozaki Town (Total 3 hours)

Japanese culture of fermentation is part of livelihood in Kozaki Town.

6. Shisui Premium Outlets (Total 2.5 hours)

Enjoy Shopping at Shisui Premium Outlets

*Special Offer
Please show your Transit participant certificate at the information center, And then, you can get the Discount Coupon, Souvenir gift and Wi-Fi Guest code.

7. Aeon Mall Narita (Total 3 hours)

Enjoy shopping at Aeon Mall; the big shopping mall near airport. 

8. Aeon Town Narita Tomisato (Total 2.5 hours)

AEON Town Narita Tomisato is a new shopping center that opened in 2015. It is located near Narita-san Shinsho-ji and Narita Station.
Please visit Narita Transit Program Website for more information.

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