Sending Luggage / Luggage Delivery in Japan

Luggage Delivery is convenient and reliable service for tourists and businessman. You can send your luggage or parcels to anywhere in the country, no need to carry the big suitcase or parcels by yourself to several sightseeing spots. Kuroneko Yamato is reliable company and provides this service. I often call Kuroneko (black cat). You can send luggage from/to airports and from/to hotels.   

What is TA-Q-BIN?

TA-Q-BIN is Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service.


The price is based on size and weight of the parcels (Length + Width +Height). You can check the rate on website. For example, luggage (size 120) delivery in Hokkaido area, price is 1,400 yen approximately.

Size Total of the length, width, and height Weight
Size 60 Within 60 cm Up to 2 kg
Size 80 Within 80 cm Up to 5 kg
Size 100 Within 100 cm Up to 10 kg
Size 120 Within 120 cm Up to 15 kg
Size 140 Within 140 cm Up to 20 kg
Size 160 Within 160 cm Up to 25 kg

How to send parcels / luggage

1. Fill up the label as below picture. You can pickup the labels at their offices, TA-Q-BIN Agencies or convenience stores.

Photo: Yamato Transport

2. Specify the time to receive your parcel / luggage. 

Customers can select the time zone in which they would like their parcel delivered. No extra charge is necessary. You can select from the following 5 time-zones. Depending on the destination of the parcel, you may not be able to choose a time zone.

Before Noon / 14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-20:00 / 19:00-21:00 

3. Send your parcel / luggage at nearest TA-Q-BIN Agency and convenience store to your location. You can also send it from hotel. Normally, the business hotels provide this service. You can tell the staff that you would like to send TA-Q-BIN. The staff may help you to fill up the form and call the company to pick up the parcel at the hotel. Don't forget to inform destination hotel that you will send your luggage / parcel to hotel.  

Convenience Stores Offering TA-Q-BIN Services
7-11 Stores, Family Mart, Daily Yamazaki, Heart-in, Circle K-Sunkrus and etc.

For more information about Yamato Transport, please check on website

My Comments:

Luggage delivery is not necessary but convenient. The rate charge is high in some cases. If you use this service, you should beware about the time. For example, on 1st September you are at Tokyo and would like to send your luggage to Osaka. You would like to receive your luggage at Osaka on 3rd September, in my opinion you must delivery your luggage from Tokyo not later than evening of 1st September. Meanwhile, should have another small luggage for keeping your some clothes and personal belongings. Alternatively, locker at train stations can save the cost.  

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