Minoh / Minoo Again - Osaka, Japan

This is my 2nd time visiting Minoh which is located in Osaka. First time to Minoh, click here. Minoh was on the way I went to Kyoto. I would like to go to foot spa because I walked a lot in the morning. I did not go to waterfall, just had lunch and took some rest. Minoh waterfall is an attraction here. It takes about 45 minutes or approximately 3 km to walk up along the Minoh river until you reach the Minoh Waterfalls. 


From Umeda Station (Osaka)

Take Hankyu Takarazuka Line Express for TAKARAZUKA to Ishibashi Station (15 minutes). Transfer to Hankyu Minoo Line for MINOO (6 minutes). Fare is 270 yen and total time 26 minutes. 

From Kyoto Station (Kyoto)

Take JR Special Rapid Service for Himeji to JR Osaka Station (28 minutes, 560 yen).

Walk to Umeda Station. Take Hankyu Takarazuka Line Express for TAKARAZUKA to Ishibashi Station (15 minutes). From Umeda to Ishibashi, train departs every 10 minutes. Transfer to Hankyu Minoo Line for MINOO (6 minutes). Fare is 270 yen and total time 26 minutes). 

From Minoh Staion to Minoh Waterfall 
Map: Minoh Falls

Minoh Momiji no Ashiyu

It is foot spa near Minoo Station. FYI, Momiji = Maple, Ashiyu = Foot Spa.
Get off Minoo Station (have only one exit), turn right. 

Minoh Momiji no Ashiyu
Entrance Fee is 150 yen. Buy the ticket at vending machine at the counter. You will get the ticket, give it to staff. A staff will explain how to use the service in this foot spa (in Japanese). She will give a towel. Firstly, take off your socks, shoes and put them on the shelf. Wash your feet with tap water. 

Open:  10:00~16:00 ( Monday~Friday ),  9:00~17:00  ( Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and November ) 

Close:  Every Thursday ( except in November ),  and day after National holidays

The seats are quite limit. I think that maximum people should be around 15-16 persons. 
There is no time limit but for me, not exceed 30 minutes is fine. Eating or drinking is prohibited. You can take a towel back to your home.

After relaxing with foot spa, let's have lunch. From Minoh Momiji no Ashiyu, turn right and go straight. You will see もみじ St. (Momiji Street) on the right side as below photo. There are restaurants and shops. 

I recommend this restaurant (on the left side). My previous trip, I also came to this restaurant.

After had lunch, I went to the way to Minoh waterfall but did not reach the falls, just go for a walk before went other sightseeing spot. If you visit here in autumn, you will see a lot of red and yellow leaves. This below photo is at the front of Minoo Station. Cross the road and go straight.

In Front of Minoo Station
There are souvenir shops along the way. Many shops sell Momiji-no Tempura (deep-fried Japanese maple leaf sweets). The goods price of each shop are not much different.  

Yuzuru-No-Ashiyu is a new footbath. It's located in front of the elevator up to Minoh Kankou Hotel ( Minoh Onsen Spa Garden ), free of charge.  You can purchase a hand towel for 100 yen at the entrance. 

Beautiful view before went back to Minoo Station. If you visit here in autumn (November), you will see a lot of red / orange / yellow leaves. 

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