Tivoli Gardens (Amusement Park) - Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843. It is old and famous amusement park in Copenhagen. It is located very close to Copenhagen City Hall. In fact, Tivoli Gardens was not in my plan but when I saw the admission is included in Copenhagen Card or meant free entrance so I just showed the card and entered. It was rainy day and cold so I just walked quickly and took some photo. 


Few minutes walk from Central Station.

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday     11:00 - 23:00     

Friday                          11:00 - 00:00     
Saturday                      10:30 - 00:00     
Sunday                        10:30 - 23:00    

Open again on 6 April 2017

6 Apr - 24 Sep (Summer)
13 Oct - 5 Nov (Halloween)
18 Nov - 31 Dec (Christmas)

Admission Price
Adult:   110.00 DKK - 120.00 DKK

(Mon-Thu 110 DKK, Fri-Sun and 6-17 April 120 DKK)
Copenhagen Card: Free Admission (additional pay for ride)

Unlimited Ride Ticket: 230.00 DKK
Child(0-8): Free
Aquarium: 20 DKK 

The walkway from the main entrance. I went Tivoli Gardens in the evening after finished the tour. If you visited there at night or during the festival i.e. Halloween, Christmas, there are light shows. Mostly the department stores close around 8 p.m. but this place close late.

If you are adult, you can visit the gardens and see the shows. There are beautiful flowers in summer as below photo. This is The Pantomime Theater. 

There are restaurants in the park but I advise you have lunch or dinner before coming here if you are on a budget. FYI, Tivoli Gardens is near the shopping street, you can buy some food there. 

Tivoli's Moorish Palace

The Concert Hall Gardens

The Star Flyer and The Ferris Wheel 

Roller coaster. There are also other interesting rides. 

Beautiful Flowers

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