One Day Trip with Enjoy Eco Card - Osaka, Japan

Enjoy Eco Card  (One Day Pass) offers unlimited travel in Osaka on subway, tram and city bus (not include JR) and discount of some sightseeing place in Osaka. It is easy to buy and use. You can buy Enjoy Eco Card at Ticket Vending Machine at Subway Stations in Osaka. Price of ticket between weekdays and weekends are different so please be careful when you would like to purchase the ticket.

Adult: Weekdays 800 yen
          Weekends and National Holidays 600 yen
Child: 300 yen

Where to buy
Ticket Vending Machine at Osaka's subway.

When to buy
No need to purchase the ticket in advance.
Can buy it on the day you use.

How to buy
1. Go to ticket vending machine.
2. Change menu from Japanese to English on the left side (if you can read Japanese, skip this step)
3. Select "Card"
4. Select only one between "One Day Pass" (If you use it on weekdays) or "One Day Pass Weekend & Holiday".
5. Insert the coins or banknote.
6. Press the fare button "800" or "600" or "300"
7. Finish

Although Enjoy Eco Card covers subways in Osaka, the ticket does not include travel to/between some stations as follows:

Map from Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau

Midosuji Subway Line (Red Line)
Esaka Station to Senri Chuo Station

Chuo Subway Line (Dark Green Line)
Nagata Station to Gakken Nara-Tomigaoka Station

Sakaisuji Subway Line (Brown Line)
Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station to Kawaramachi Station

If you use Enjoy Eco Card and would like to go to the above stations, you need to pay an additional fare. For example, you would like to go to Senri-Chuo station from Namba on Midosuji Subway Line but the pass covers only from Namba to Esaka Station. You insert Enjoy Eco Card at Namba Station. Before getting off at Senri-Chuo station, you go to Fare Adjustment Fare (のりこし清算機) Machine which is near exit gate. Insert Eco Card to machine, pay an extra fare and you will get the normal ticket and insert that ticket to get off the station.

Enjoy Eco Card provides discount as below:

1. Osaka Castle
Admission Fee:  600 yen -> 450 yen (Below Junior high school student is free admission)

2. Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
Admission Fee:  200 yen -> 140 yen

3. Osaka Museum of History
Admission Fee:  600 yen -> 540 yen

4. Aqua Liner (Osaka Suijo Bus)

Osaka Castle and Nakanoshima Tour (60 minutes course) 
(Normal charge)
Adult 1,700 yen -> 1,530 yen, Child (Elementary school student) 850 yen -> 770 yen

Spring fee (1-15 April 2016, 28-31 March 2017) 

Adult 2,000 yen -> 1,800 yen Child (elementary school student) 1,000 yen -> 900 yen

5. Umeda Sky Building

Admission Fee:  Adult 1000 yen -> 900 yen
Middle school student & High school student 700 yen -> 630 yen

Elementary school student 500 yen -> 450 yen
Over 4 years old 200 yen -> 180 yen
Senior (65 years old and over) 800 yen -> 720 yen 
6. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Admission Fee: 
Permanent exhibition fee  Adult 600 yen -> 500 yen 
High school student - University Student 300 yen -> 200 yen

7. Tennoji Zoo
Admission Fee: Adult 500 yen -> 350 yen

8. Tsutenkaku Tower
Admission Fee:  Adult 100 yen discount

9. Nagai Botanical Garden

Common tickets for museums and botanical gardens * Permanent exhibition only
Adult 300 yen -> 270 yen 
High school student - University student 200 yen -> 180 yen 

Botanical garden only
Adult 200 yen -> 180 yen

10. Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Admission Fee: 800 yen -> 700 yen (3 years old and over also charged)

These are only some samples of facility included in Eco Card. Please click here for more information.

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  1. Hello! I like your post and I just wanted to ask if I could access Universal Studios Japan using this pass? Thank you and have a great day! :)

    1. Hi! You can access Universal Studios Japan by JR, get off at Universal-City Station. Enjoy Eco Card does not cover. If you buy Enjoy Eco Card, please get off at Bentencho Station (Subway Chuo Line) then take JR loop line to Universal-City Station.

      Have a nice trip!