Namba Hikaritabi (Illumination) 2016 - Osaka, Japan

Namba Hikaritabi is an Christmas and New Year Illumination in Namba area.
There are plenty spots of illumination. Firstly, I will review my trip and detail of other illumination spots later. Most of illumination in Namba are held during 11 November 2016 - 19 February 2017 except the event in Namba City which was ended on 25 December 2016. 


- Nankai Namba Station center Exit, south exit direct connection
- Namba Subway Station (Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, Yotsubashi Line, Hanshin Namba Line, Kintetsu Namba Line)
- JR Namba Station, North Exit

Namba Parks is one of big illumination area in Osaka. 
There were many people while I was on the way to Namba Parks. Normally Namba Station is busy station. This photo was taken around 17:30 but it seemed 19:00 already. The weather was cold. I had dinner before went to photographing. The restaurants at Namba Parks are on 7th and 8th Floor. The price of meal is high (average above 1,000 yen per person).  

On 2nd Floor of Namba Parks.There are several display colors of Christmas Tree.

Let's move to rooftop. Taking the elevator is faster than escalator.
There is garden on rooftop. You can see Labi Namba (Large Appliances Store) which is near Namba Parks.

It is peaceful. I can see the view from the rooftop. 

Need to queue up to take this cute photo (not long queue).

Go to the lower floor, there is mini light show with music. 
I also recorded the shows as photo and video.

Next is Illumination in other areas.
Midosuji Street is primary main street in Central Osaka. Please see the red line as below map. It is the long street

Midosuji Illumination 2016 has 8 area colors such as purple, pink, green and etc. The illumination is held during 20 November 2016 - 9 January 2017, time 17:00 - 23:00
The Location: Midosuji Avenue (Hanshin-mae intersection - Namba Nishiguchi Intersection)

Other Illumination in Namba

Namba Parks
Schedule: Nov.11, 2016 ~Feb. 19, 2017
Light-up time: 17:00~24:00
Light-up area: Parks Garden, Conyan Street(2F), Amphitheater(8F) etc

Namba Carnival Mall
Schedule:Nov. 11, 2016 ~ Feb. 19, 2017
Light-up time:17:00~24:00

Namba CITY
Schedule:Nov. 11, 2016 ~ Dec. 25, 2016
Light-up time:17:00~24:00
Light-up area:Namba CITY Main Building B1F Galleria Court

Nankai terminal building
Schedule:Nov. 11, 2016 ~ Feb. 19, 2017
Light-up time:17:00~24:00
Light-up area:Nankai Building, Nankai Namba Sta. West Exit Ground

Takashimaya OSAKA Store Roof Garden “Sky Illumination”
Schedule:Throughout the year
Light-up time:17:00~23:00
Light-up area:Roof garden of Takashimaya Osaka(8F)

Schedule:Nov. 11, 2016 ~ Dec. 25, 2016
Light-up time:0:00AM ~ 12:00PM
Light-up area:Swissotel NANKAI OSAKA 6F Lobby

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