Chiba Park - Chiba, Japan

Chibakoen (千葉公園) or Chiba Park is easy to access by monorail. In the morning, I went to Chiba Park which is only few stations from hotel. It is not a hugh park but peaceful, good to avoid crowd in downtown area even is not the attraction or not a sightseeing spot.   


Monorail Chibakoen Station (One Station from Chiba Station). Short walk from station.

Here is map of Chiba Park.
This park is free admission. There are many facilities such as pool, gymnasium, baseball fields, playgrounds and including Sakura or Cherry blossom viewing spot, pond. 

Playground for kids. It was still early in the morning so did have many people.

I think this is Chiba City mascot, named Chihana-chan (I saw her name on the map). I guess that name come from Chiba (City) + Hana (Flowers) and chan used to put at the end of the name for calling name of a girl. How cute mascot is! 

There are seats for taking a break near mascot. 

In summer you can see lotus pond but in spring you can see cherry blossom. 

Cherry blossom is beautiful.

Chiba Park is not a must visit place. If you have free time and would like to avoid the busy area and love nature, I would like to recommend visiting this park when visit Chiba.

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